“Maxey is the most impressive young player I’ve ever had”

After a second season that has surprised locals and strangers, expectations about the future of Tyrese Maxey have skyrocketed, although no one seems to have them as high as his coach. In a conversation on the Vince Carter podcast, Doc Rivers has confessed how greatly amazed he is by the point guard, whose level of effort he highlighted with a rather particular anecdote.

“He is the most impressive young player I have had in my 21 years as a manager,” he said. “His work ethic is amazing. Throughout the summer, there have already been two or three times where we’ve had to tell him to sit down and get some rest.”

“Right now he’s working with Sam Cassell and my son Spencer, who are specialist skill development coaches, and two weeks ago he called Spencer. At that time he was going to go on vacation, but he told her that it was the first vacation of his life and that he did not know what to do. He actually asked her what she had to do on his vacation, and Spencer told her to relax. ‘How long do I have to relax? I’m going on vacation for a week. I can’t just relax for a week’ was his reply.

Maxey faces a third season that is usually key for players like him, as it is the one that, if all goes well, could mean his definitive leap to league stardom. The one who was chosen in 21st place in the 2020 draft has shown a level well above expectations from very early on, and with his speed, skill and nerve he aims to become one of the figures of the future and present of the 76ers. Of course, if he continues to work so compulsively, Philadelphia fans have reason to trust him, although, like everyone else, a week’s vacation would do him good.

(Cover photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images)



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