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After the departure of Jarlan Barrera from Junior de Barranquilla, wasting the maximum penalty in the Copa Conmebol Sudamericana against Athletico Paranaense, it is not forgotten in the Barranquilla fans, nor in the player’s head. After this, and after a failed step in Argentina, Jarlan ended up at Atlético Nacional, and every time he has the opportunity, he throws poisonous statements at the team that formed him.

Jarlan Barrera made his professional debut with Junior de Barranquilla when he was just 18 years old. You have to be grateful to the club that let him play for five seasons, and then show his talent in Rosario Central, although he had few opportunities in the Rosario team. He arrived at Atlético Nacional immersed in doubts, but he won over the fans every time he talks about Junior, and, in addition, he gave the title to the purslane in the first half of 2022.

Investigated for pointing out the shield to the entire Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez in the first leg of the BetPlay Cup quarterfinals, and for relighting the flame by saying that in Barranquilla they only cried for losing titles, when he himself was one of the players who missed a fundamental maximum penalty. As a result of these words, the entire world of Colombian soccer began to express itself. Comments in favor, and others against Jarlan Barrera.

Macnelly Torres, idol of Nacional and with a past in Junior defended him. Now it was the turn of a former Independiente Medellín, a rival in the backyard of the green paisa. Mauricio Molina, an ESPN panelist, referred to the powder keg caused by Jarlan Barrera and reached an important conclusion analyzing the player’s head, ‘it’s a shame, it’s unnecessary, there’s a big emotional intelligence problem, and it’s when you don’t know how to handle your emotions and makes a mistake and the only one harmed is him. To enhance your fans, to look good with your people, you don’t need to discredit another club that gave you the opportunity to leave’.

In turn, he pointed to the topic of Jarlan Barrera and his incendiary statements as a need to mature, but Carlos Alberto el ‘Pibe’ Valderrama’s nephew has not been able to understand it, ‘one learns it with maturity, being grateful to each one of the clubs that gave one the opportunity to work, is non-negotiable, one learns to value it. Jarlan is not being pleasant with a club that gave him the opportunity to be born footballingly, no matter how many situations have happened, that when they treat him badly or piss him off, one must try to solve it politically, and he was not politically correct.



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