Malaysia Detained, List of AFF U-16 Cup Eliminated Teams

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The news about the Malaysian national team failing to win against Myanmar and the list of four teams eliminated in AFF U-16 Cup 2022 became the most popular sports news in the last 24 hours.

In addition, the analysis of the U-16 Indonesian National Team should not be misled by revenge in the U-16 AFF Cup also become sports news that attracts readers.

Here are some of the most popular sports news in’s Top 3 Sports:

1. AFF U-16 Cup Final Results: Malaysia Failed to Win Against Myanmar

Malaysia U-16 were held by Myanmar 1-1 in the second match of Group C of the 2022 AFFU-16 Cup at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Friday (5/8).

Malaysia took the lead early in the game through Dainei Mat Disa’s quick goal in the second minute.

Dainei Mat Disa scored a very good goal after Myanmar’s back line blundered after failing to throw the ball perfectly.

In the second half Myanmar tried to rise. Myanmar’s efforts to score a reply paid off in the 50th minute through Kaung Khant Zaw’s equalizer.

The one point that Malaysia got in this match did not shake their position at the top of Group B by collecting four points from two matches.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

2. 4 Country Teams Eliminated AFF U-16 Cup 2022

As many as four teams are confirmed to be eliminated from the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup after Australia was silenced by Cambodia 2-4, Friday (5/8).

The competition to get tickets to the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup semifinals is still fierce. A number of teams from three groups have the opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages, both as champions and best runners-up.

However, several other countries are also confirmed to have to ‘lift the suitcase’ early. Although the group stage still has matches remaining, the teams no longer have a chance to qualify for the next round.

The teams that are confirmed to be eliminated from the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup are: the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Australia.

3. Don’t Poison the U-16 National Team with Misleading Revenge

The ‘weird’ match that had occurred in the AFF U-19 Cup should not have poisoned the spirit of fairplay in the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup. The U-16 Indonesian national team must not perpetuate the wrong revenge mission.

The Vietnam vs Thailand match in the preliminary round of the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup is still clear in the minds of Indonesian football lovers. Both teams allegedly played unsportsmanlike moments that ended 1-1.

Vietnam and Thailand chose to play safe after the score changed 1-1 in the 76th minute. Both camps no longer took the initiative to attack and were more procrastinating until the 1-1 draw lasted until the long whistle sounded.




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