# maèlbòun? Who is Kassius Robertson, new red and white guard

Kassius Robertson, combo of 191cm for 82kg, Canadian, coming out of the league of his country where he played in the final for the title, after two seasons in ACB, at Obradoiro.

What player is the former Fortitudo, among others? Did Reggio make the right choice with his engagement? Let’s find out the characteristics of a guard who is evolving his game.

Who is Kassius Robertson?
Guard that is progressively turning into a combo. Scorer, shooter but not only who was among the top 7 scorers of a top level tournament like the Spanish ACB. After the year in Germany and at Fortitudo, where he showed good things, his career took the leap.

What features does it have?

And we come to the analysis of the evolution of the player, from the very high profile 3-point shot, with some numbers. “Robertson is a guard and not a play, he’s a combo, just roll”: false. Robertson over the years is turning into a game creator. Compared to the year of the F, in the last year in Obradoiro the holdings of PNR and ISO have increased by almost 15%, with a delta between these and those of spot-releases of 28% in favor of the former; numbers that make us understand that the process of changing from 2 to 1-2 is real and concrete. Today he plays 54.3% of possessions in combo situations (PNR handler e ISO) against 26.4% of pure shooting guard situations (Spot up and C. Off.), while in Bologna 39.8% of the same situations played by combo. This transition can also be seen in the progressive number of assists, 1.6 in Fortitudo, 2.7 in the first season in Obradoiro and 3.8 in the last season, with a significantly increasing assist / minutes-possession ratio.

This, albeit detailed at the most, is what it takes to try to understand its change.

Then it is a creator of benefits. And in this Unahotels this was needed. It served as oxygen.

What weaknesses does it have?
It is definitely not physically a tornado neither defending nor attacking the iron. His game inbetween it is practically nil (ie either he rolls a 3 or drives to the iron, and he gets there often). In defense against the 1 there is and how; if you go up it is hard.

In fact, he has no stop and shot from the average, and he is not always continuous as a defensive attention.

Then his transformation must obviously be adapted to the team context. This is not a weakness but it is right to consider it, to date, a question mark that we all hope can already be canceled from the meeting.

Who does he look like among the players we know, at best?
Robert Hite, former red and white in A2 years ago, to give a yardstick known to all. Less physical but with that ability to manage the ball and shots. Now more of Hite’s primary game creator. Or Scott Bamforth, albeit less talented. Or Tyrus McGee, but less explosive in athleticism.

Why did you choose Reggio?
The red and white club speaks of a great desire to test themselves with the role that has been assigned to him. To progress in his career and confirm himself at a certain level that the seasons in ACB have allowed him to reach.

Ma “he is boun”?
Yes it is. The season in Fortitudo had already shown this to be a true scorer; those in Spain that is growing, he is in full basketball maturity and wants to establish himself even more.

Playing next to Cinciarini could bring him big advantages, while playing in his place, triggering the Vitali, the Olisevicius and the Hopkins, could give him a dimension that will broaden his danger. If it is a winning bet he will tell the field, of course. But there is no discussion about the player.



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