Madonna once offered NBA icon Rodman $20 million to get her pregnant

During his playing career, Dennis Rodman was best known for his strong defense and rebounding skills in the 1990s. He was also one of the NBA’s “Baddest Bad Boys” with many controversial stories off the field.

Rodman’s craziest stories, of which there are plenty, most recently came to light during an appearance on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. On the show, the five-time NBA champion revealed that Madonna once called him while he was gambling in Las Vegas to let him know she was ovulating.

So Rodman put his bills on the table, jumped on a plane that Madonna had sent, flew to New York, did his, well, business there, flew back to Vegas and continued gambling.

Madonna told NBA icon Dennis Rodman about her ovulation over the phone

“Oh I tried… I rolled in Vegas, that’s a good story and it’s in New York. She calls, ‘Dennis, you have a call from Madonna!’ He just shouts it out. I said, ‘The hell with you, that’s bullshit.’ He said, ‘No Dennis, you got a call from Madonna’. I said ‘wait’, she called and said ‘Dennis you know I’m ovulating’. I said ‘WHAT?’ I’ll be there in five hours.”

So I put the dice down and said, “Keep the table clear.” She sends a plane for me, I go to the airport, fly here, go to this house, do my thing, get back on the plane, they saved my seat and start playing dice again.”

Did Madonna really offer $20 million for a Rodman child?

However, Rodman did not get his Madonna pregnant that day. When asked if he was disappointed that he didn’t get her pregnant, Rodman revealed he actually had a lot more in mind than making a baby — it was getting $20 million.

Rodman: No! Well, she asked me to get her pregnant and she was going to pay me $20 million for it.”

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