Luka Doncic, determined to arrive in top form next season

Luka Doncic is a huge player. He came to the NBA and in the blink of an eye he became owner and lord of the Dallas Mavericks. It was not be for lowerly. His game, his leadership, his gamer’s smile… Everything indicated that he was a generational player and he continued to demonstrate this in future seasons. However, even the best scribe throws a blur; and in the case of the Slovenian such expression can only be directed to his physical conditioning.

In recent preseasons with the Texas organization, it has become common to see him return to training lacking physical condition. We don’t say it. It was Doncic himself who admitted that he needed to improve that aspect of his preparation to be an even better player. It seems that he has taken it seriously. Anze Macek, one of the coaches of Slovenia, assures that the Dallas franchise player contacted him to work constantly during the summer.

“Shortly after the end of the season, he contacted me and told me that he wanted to start training immediately. Along with Goran Dragic, they worked for three weeks. That was followed by his participation with the national team, and when he went on vacation he asked me for a work plan. He stays active. I am in contact with him almost daily. He is determined to keep his form and will improve during the national team training by preparing himself for a maximum effort », he comments to SportKlub Slovenia.

Without a doubt, this is an important step for Doncic. We all know how good he is and his ability to overcome rivals beyond not being a super gifted physically, but even being one of the best players in the League, take another step that will have a positive impact not only in the present, but also in the future, it can only be a good decision.

(Photograph by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)



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