Luis Suárez’s continental dream is over: Nacional was beaten by Goianiense and said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana

*The first goal of the Brazilian team was the work of Luiz Fernando

The unexpected defeat in the first match played in Montevideo led to suppose that Luis Suarez would be among the headlines National to reverse the result in Brazil. Nevertheless, Paul Repetto left the gunslinger on the substitute bench and the Uruguayan team felt it. In less than 5 minutes of the rematch of the quarterfinals of the South American Cup the Goianian was put in advantage by a violent shot of Luiz Fernando. Undoubtedly, the defensive inattentions of the central defenders contributed to the goal that emotionally hit the Pocket.

The distance of two goals on aggregate seemed to blow up the chances of Uruguay to access the next stage of the continental tournament. And the perfect backlash he led decks left no reaction to Sergio Rochet so that the owner of the house would return to celebrate before the break.

*Baralhas scored 2-0 before the end of the first half

For the resumption of the lawsuit, the Uruguayan strategist kicked the board with 3 modifications. income from Alex Castro, Brian Ocampo and the figure with past in the Liverpool, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, among others, they represented the necessity of the miracle. To stay alive, Nacional had to score three goals.

However, in the stadium Golden Mountain there was no feat. In the first movements of the complement a rude error of Leo Coelho allowed him to Luiz Fernando transform the win into a win. The hesitant clearance of the center-back made the forward’s task easier, who exposed all his category with a cross shot that sealed the 3 a 0. What was striking was that the striker was sent off in stoppage time for a brutal elbow to Diego Rodriguez.

*The third goal that turned the victory into a landslide for Goianiense

With victory guaranteed, the Goianian dedicated himself to managing the timing of the game and exposing the limitations of National. In pure luxury, those of jorginho marched until the final whistle to access the semifinals of the contest, where they will face Saint Paul o Ceará. While, Luis Suarez and the Pocket He will have to focus on the Uruguayan championship before his foray into Qatar.


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