Lucon. A day in honor of animals

The Association of Friends of Horses and Dogs is organizing its 25e day dedicated to domestic, companion or utility animals. Unfortunately, we won’t see farmyard animals or ornamental birds there, due to bird flu.

For hitches

Horses and ponies will be seen during the national driving competition organized by the South Vendée couplings. Harnessed in singles, doubles or fours, they will compete in three equally spectacular events, each in its own way. Please note the competition begins on Saturday with dressage and maneuverability, and on Sunday the marathon is disputed.

For the “village” of hunting

Many associations will be present there: The private guards, The huntresses of Vendée, The blood dog research association, The Waterfowl, The defenders of the hunt for hounds, the archers hunters with the bow.

For the presentation of the dogs

A dozen packs will be presented on the festival, but also pointers, herding dogs who will give demonstrations. The dog breeds will be presented on the podium by a canine judge, who will explain their characters and specificities.

For cats

Despite the heat that cats do not like, several breeders will come to present their animals, including breed champions. The public is invited to elect the most beautiful cat of the day.

And for the other animations

A garage sale is installed on the site. Children will be able to find various inflatable games, wooden games, pony rides, introduction to archery… Participation of the Val d’Argent hunting horns, notably at the Saint-Hubert mass at 11 am in the morning.

Sunday, July 7, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. At the Encloses racecourse, route de Triaize Free admission. Visitor dogs must be tattooed, vaccinated and kept on a leash.



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