LIVE: Moris keeps Rangers ahead, Union survives opening phase | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

  1. 42′ – Geel – Malik Tillman
  2. 40′ – Geel – Ross Sykes
  3. 39′ – Yellow – James Sands

Holding a two-goal bonus on a visit to a churning Ibrox Stadium. That is the task that awaits Union. Despite a pale match last week, the Rangers believe in a turnaround. Follow the match closely here.

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  1. first half, minute 43. Penalty for Rangers! Van Der Heyden jumps with his arm to a cross that is too high. He gets the ball on his arm. The Greek referee points to the dot! .
  2. Rangers Malik Tillman yellow card during first half, minute 42
  3. first half, minute 41. Threat from Lapoussin! Vanzeir has space, does not see Teuma walking on the right and switches sides. Lapoussin gets the ball and has good leg action, but Tavernier pays attention and tackles the ball through Lapoussin behind the line. .
  4. first half, minute 40. Lynen puts the free kick back to Teuma. But he needs too much time to control the ball. His shot misses the Rangers’ emerging defense. .
  5. first half, minute 40.
  6. Yellow card for Union’s Ross Sykes during the first half, minute 40
  7. first half, minute 39. Van Der Heyden almost dribbles into the 16, but is knocked down by Tillman. For a moment there is talk of a penalty kick, but the foul happened just on the edge of the 16. .
  8. Yellow card for Rangers James Sands during first half, minute 39
  9. first half, minute 38. Sykes was shown a yellow card early on for taking too long on his throw-in. .
  10. first half, minute 37. First yellow card for Rangers. Sands won’t let Lazare pass and just kick him to the ground, yellow! .
  11. first half, minute 34. There are already a lot of signs that the Rangers are starting to have some doubts. Peter Vandenbempt on Radio 1.
  12. first half, minute 32.
  13. first half, minute 32. Lawrence tries from afar. There are the Rangers again! Lawrence kicks from the back line, he places his shot, but the ball bounces wide. .
  14. Moris keeps Rangers ahead! Lawrence’s free kick is cut very dangerously. Colak heads, Moris saves with a great parade. . first half, minute 27.
  15. first half, minute 26. Kent advances, Nieuwkoop stops him incorrectly. A free kick in a nice place, a few meters outside the penalty area. .
  16. first half, minute 24.
  17. first half, minute 24. Small disturbance on a throw-in. Adingra snatches the unnecessary ball, but is not penalized. He’ll get all of Ibrox on him. .
  18. first half, minute 23. I have the impression that the moth is already starting to get in there. The enthusiasm of the Rangers’ beginnings is slowly ebbing away. Peter Vandenbempt on Radio 1.
  19. first half, minute 18. Union dangerous for the first time. Van der Heyden jumps the highest of everyone, but doesn’t get Lynen’s corner well enough on his head. The ball goes wide. .


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