LIVE: Loom Antwerp takes the lead after owngoal Eupen | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 42′ – Yellow – Boris Lambert
  2. 20′ – Geel – Jan Král
  3. 16′ – Yellow – Isaac Christie-Davies
  1. 90+3′ – Verv. Michel Ange Balikwisha door Gaston Avila
  2. 89′ – Verv. Gary Magnée by Lorenzo Offermann
  3. 81′ – Cont. Radja Nainggolan by Birger Verstraete
  4. 78′ – Own goal – Boris Lambert (0 – 1)
  5. 76′ – Cont. Isaac Nuhu by Tyreek Magee
  6. 72′ – Verv. Jerome Deom – The Best of Jerome Deom
  7. 70′ – Yellow – Smail Prevljak
  8. 62′ – Verv. Koji Miyoshi by Anthony Valencia
  9. 62′ – Cont. Michael Frey by Vincent Janssen

After the qualification for the Conference League Playoffs, Antwerp can descend to the East Cantons today. 12 out of 12 is the mission for Van Bommel and co. Follow the match here from 4 p.m.

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  1. second half, minute 96. Balikwisha has to leave, so that another player can make his debut at The Great Old with Gason Avila. .
  2. Ai ai, Balikwisha. Seasoning Balikwisha goes down and grabs the thigh. He covers his face and swallows the pain. Has the winger sustained a muscle tear? With the European diptych against Basaksehir in prospect, that would mean a major loss for Antwerp. . second half, minute 94.
  3. second half, minute 93. Substitution at Antwerp, Gaston Avila in, Michel Ange Balikwisha out
  4. second half, minute 89. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Lorenzo Offermann in, Gary Magnée out
  5. second half, minute 87. Substitutes Janssen and Valencia want to get the two on the board. The Ecuadorian gives a heel to the Dutch international, who kicks Moser hard. .
  6. second half, minute 83. Play badly and still win? Despite a poor performance, Antwerp seems to be on its way to a 12 out of 12, unless Eupen straightens something out with a final offensive. .
  7. second half, minute 81. Substitution at Antwerp, Birger Verstraete in, Radja Nainggolan out
  8. second half, minute 80.
  9. Owngoal during the second half, minute 78 by Boris Lambert van Antwerp. 0, 1.
  10. second half, minute 78. Lambert lends Antwerp a hand. Antwerp takes the lead out of nowhere, but it has little merit of its own. Substitutes Ekkelenkamp and Valencia set up a quick one-two. The latter puts the ball back, after which Lambert unhappily surprises his own goalkeeper. A goal in line with the match, but Antwerp has taken the lead. .
  11. second half, minute 77. Are we going to see another goal? It’s actually not coming. Geert Heremans on Radio 1.
  12. second half, minute 76. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Tyreek Magee in, Isaac Nuhu out
  13. second half, minute 75. Time is ticking more and more for Antwerp. The leader still has about fifteen minutes to avoid a first loss of points. .
  14. second half, minute 72. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Konan N’Dri in, Jerome Deom out
  15. second half, minute 71. Nainggolan throws the ball tight in front of the goal from the left. His free kick passes Jan and everyone and can almost surprise Moser, but he reacts alertly. .
  16. Yellow card for KAS Eupen’s Smail Prevljak during the second half, minute 70
  17. second half, minute 67. That little threat from the first half can now hardly be found at Antwerp. Eupen had the best chances here and easily stays upright. Geert Heremans on Radio 1.
  18. second half, minute 67.
  19. second half, minute 66. Alderweireld once again uses the chef’s specialty and reaches Janssen with a very fine long ball. The Dutchman lays back tightly in the box, but Balikwisha is hiding behind his man. .
  20. second half, minute 62. Substitution at Antwerp, Anthony Valencia in, Koji Miyoshi out


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