LIVE: European fairytale in the making? Union has a lead against the Rangers | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

  1. 41′ – Yellow – James Sands
  2. 28′ – Goal – Teddy Teuma (1 – 0)

Thanks to his miracle year, Union can play European for the first time in 58 years this season. It starts in the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League, against the Rangers.

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  1. second half, minute 65.
  2. second half, minute 65. Meanwhile, the stands are shaking at Den Dreef. The Unionists are therefore currently in seventh heaven and their throats are hoarse. .
  3. second half, minute 63. The Rangers are in great shape. Maybe now is the time to add 1 or 2 more goals. . Peter Vandenbempt on Radio 1.
  4. second half, minute 59. Nieuwkoop just wide. The best chance of this second half is for Union. Nieuwkoop can moor just outside 16. His shot just misses the post. .
  5. second half, minute 57. Lapoussin is playing a very strong game. He launches the attack and then sends Vanzeir deep. In the end, no one can head on a cross from the right. .
  6. second half, minute 55. Teuma hits the pitch somewhat theatrically after a light tap from Kamara. There is not much going on. .
  7. second half, minute 53. Possession for Rangers. We get to see the same game image in the second half. The Rangers get the leather thrown in their lap. Once halfway through Union, however, the visitors are not given an inch of space. .
  8. second half, minute 53.
  9. second half, minute 48. Sands escapes. Vanzeir is there like the chickens to conquer a ball. The American defender does stop Vanzeir, but referee Peljto does not judge wrongly. Sands already has a yellow card to his name. .
  10. second half, minute 46 match started
  11. second half, 9:48 p.m. Start 2nd half. We play football again at Den Dreef. Will Union also close the second half successfully? .
  12. rest, 9:32 p.m. Rest. Karel Geraerts’ plan is right for the rest. The Rangers got the ball, but did little with it except for a good start. Then Union was more dangerous. Teuma kicked the home team to a great lead. Is there a stunt in the pipeline? .
  13. first half, minute 47 match over
  14. first half, minute 43. The puppets start dancing for a while. Lundstram swears, but the referee extinguishes the small fire without cards. .
  15. first half, minute 41. Union wins a free kick and Teuma goes behind the ball. He can control Burgess, but it’s hard to put real power behind that ball. .
  16. first half, minute 41.
  17. Yellow card for Rangers James Sands during first half, minute 41
  18. first half, minute 39. There is the first yellow card of the game. Sands takes Lazare down and is punished for it. .
  19. first half, minute 36. Danger from Union. When Union comes up, it’s always really dangerous. After another good attack, Lazare just can’t reach the ball to be able to print. .
  20. first half, minute 34. The leather is now dropped in the Rangers’ sixteen. Vanzeir can also put his head against it, but aims wide. More importantly, Union hardly gives anything away. The organization is rock solid. .


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