[#LIVE!放送!!]National High School Baseball Championship 2022 Japanese Live TV Broadcast Summer Koshien 2022 TV Broadcast August 6, 2022 | Profile

[Free Live]National High School Baseball Championship 2022 Japanese Live TV Broadcast Summer Koshien 2022 TV Broadcast August 6, 2022

baseball 2022 live streaming

baseball 2022 live streaming

The tournament headquarters of the 104th National High School Baseball Championship (opening on the 6th, Koshien) held an online press conference on the opening ceremony on the 5th.

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Sunny Koshien starts with just one march. Corona misfortune hit high school baseball players again this summer. 15 hours before the opening ceremony, the tournament headquarters announced a change in the format of the entrance procession. In order to prevent the spread of infection, the march of 18 athletes was canceled, and only the captain marched behind the leading female student from Nishinomiya (Hyogo).

It’s a sudden decision. Hideaki Yamamoto, head of the Asahi Shimbun High School General Baseball Center, who hosted the event, said with a bitter expression, “The sudden change is disappointing. I feel very sorry for the players who were looking forward to it.” At the rehearsal held at Koshien in the morning, the participating school Nine marched. On the other hand, six schools did not participate due to group infections of the new coronavirus and a series of poor health. There were no players and only girls with placards marched, and the empty outfield where the nines were lined up stood out.

A pre-tournament PCR test revealed outbreaks at Hamada (Shimane), Teikyogo (Ehime), Arita Kogaku (Saga), and Kyushu Gakuin (Kumamoto) on the 2nd. rice field. In the same morning, the Kyushu International University (Fukuoka), who had several sick people, suddenly decided not to participate in the rehearsal. These six schools will also be absent from the opening ceremony.

The tournament headquarters, who saw the situation seriously, reviewed the marching method. Center director Yamamoto explained, “We made the decision so that the players can play matches. We should avoid gathering players and staying close to each other.” Nine marched in the rehearsal, and the case of one captain in the actual performance is said to be “the first time in the range that can be investigated.” It was supposed to be the first time in three years that the opening ceremony had been held together, but it fell into an unusual situation. It has become a “phantom entrance march” for baseball players, and dark clouds have covered this summer.[Shunsaku Sakai]

The 104th National High School Baseball Tournament will begin on the 6th at Hanshin Koshien Stadium. The battle card and start time are as follows.



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