Lionel Messi’s magical Chilean definition in PSG’s win against Clermont in Ligue 1

* The Chilean definition of Lionel Messi against Clermont

A new season has begun in the fantastic sporting history of Lionel Messiwho had a great performance for the Paris Saint Germain managed to start his defense of the title of the Ligue 1 with a victory over Clermont. The Argentine star 35 years was vital for the Parisian cast to take the three points as a visitor in the Date 1 of the 2022/23 season of the French league, closing the 5-0 win with a pearl: he scored as a Chilean.

The flea gradually getting into the game. He made his first interventions away from the rival area, closer to the central circle, since he was helping the PSG to generate numerical superiority in midfield when they had possession. However, he also frequently reached the last third and that allowed him to participate in the goals.

At minute 9, Messi failed to catch a pass behind paul sarabia but his poor control turned into an involuntary assistance to Neymarwho came comfortable from behind to score the 1-0 from volley to goal Some time later, he left alone Sarabia on a counterattack but the Spaniard was clearly offside.

* Messi’s involuntary assistance for Neymar in PSG’s 1-0

The Argentine idol, who almost always moved through the center to connect with Marco Verrati y Vitinha but he also appeared overturned on the right, then led another counterattack that ended with Judge signing the 2-0 after being enabled by Neymar.

His complicity with the Brazilian is exposed at all times, but it was more noticeable before the third goal of PSG. They both laughed and then Ney delivered a precise cross to the head of marquinhos. He had also enabled Messi to leave it hand in hand at the end of the first half but the Argentine shot almost without angle and the goalkeeper Diaw he cleared it for a corner.

During the second half there was also a Messi highly committed to his team’s attacks. In the 58th minute, he made a stack of several rivals at the door of the area and the play ended with a cross from paul sarabia which was headed by Neymar and stopped by the goalkeeper Diaw, who several times prevented the result from being more bulky.

Then, the 70th minute, The flea had one of his best chances to score: he volleyed it with his left foot after receiving a pass from Nuno Mendes but his shot went too high. That was perhaps the clearest chance he had had so far along with the one-on-one he had in the early stages before finally scoring his own goals.

* Messi’s first goal for PSG 4-0

Almost at the close of the match, Leo Messi led a new counterattack and combined with Neymar to define the action with a pass to the net. The Argentine star comfortably defined to sign the 4-0 when there are only nine minutes left for the final whistle. And as if that were not enough, he then took advantage of a masterful pass from Paredes to make the Chilean 5-0.

It is double allowed Leo to reach 772 goals in his careerwhich allows him to continue climbing in the fight to be the top scorer in history, a throne that currently belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo (815) followed by Josef Bican (805)beyond the great controversy that around these numbers.

That would be the definitive result for the victory of the Paris Saint Germainwho had a Messi who showed one of his best versions: he participated a lot in the distribution of the game and in the elaboration of attacks, in addition to collaborating by scoring on the scoreboard.

The debut with a double is not a minor fact for the Argentine, who finished last Ligue 1 season with six goals but was able to shout for the first time just on the 14th date in a win over Nantes. Regardless of this, he finished as one of the top assisters in this tournament with 14 goal assistsbeing surpassed only by Kylian Mbappe (17) throughout the tournament.




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