Linda Caicedo earns praise from FIFA again | Colombian Soccer | Women’s Football

It is undoubtedly a huge incentive for a soccer player to squander her talent and receive praise from key players in the sport. It is a great joy to be able to count on references at such an early age such as Linda Caicedo, who at 17 has the entire South American continent, Europe and FIFA completely disappointed by her performances in the Copa América and in the Women’s World Cup Sub- 20 being celebrated in Costa Rica.

For the Colombian National Team, Linda Caicedo is that player who was born to play soccer. Talented enough to show, Caicedo has left football announcers speechless who enjoy his dribbling, his speed and the joy he prints on the field of play just by touching a ball and running along the entire left wing as he he did against Germany and now against New Zealand.

As if that were not enough, she joined a select group of players who have scored in all categories of the Colombian National Team, including the absolute, the U-20 and the U-17. She never ceases to amaze the world, and when she arrives on February 22, 2023 and turns 18, she knows that her future could be far from the coffee country and conquer Europe. So much so, that in Spain they maintain that he has a pre-contract with FC Barcelona.

During her participation in the Copa América in July, she was chosen as the best player of the contest. In the U-20 World Cup, she has already been a figure, and contributed to seal the classification to the quarterfinals where they will face the Brazilians. FIFA dedicated a few words to her, comparing her to highly competitive players such as Marta Vieira, Megan Rapinoe and Alexandra Popp from Brazil, the United States and Germany, respectively.

However, in less than a week, FIFA heats up that clash between Colombia and Brazil to be played on Saturday, August 20 at 9:00 p.m. Colombian time. The entity that governs all soccer competitions once again praised Linda Caicedo, emphasizing that Brazil should be careful with the 17-year-old girl.

“Brazil became a difficult team to hurt. He did not concede goals in the group stage and did not even seem to have suffered discomfort in any part of the three games he played. The Brazilian girls arrive with a need: to bring to the CBF showcases one of the titles that are missing. That is why they built a wall,” FIFA wrote.

The entity complemented, emphasizing that the partnership of Linda Caicedo and Gisela Robledo can be the solution. Also, he left some words that make anyone proud about Linda. “That wall will have a very tough test: to stop Linda Caicedo and Gisela Robledo, one of the most interesting offensive duos that the Costa Rica U-20 Women’s World Cup 2022 showed. Colombia showed personality: they beat Germany and endured almost an hour of match with one player less against New Zealand. But in addition, she took out the magic card of her: Caicedo appeared in all her splendor before the ocean and is one of the names for which it is worth paying a ticket. The South American classic promises a lot”.

That on an individual level FIFA congratulates you comparing you with football stars worldwide is important. But the fact that this organization says that it is a threat to Brazil and that it is worth paying a ticket to enjoy its magic makes Colombia an attractive rival for any team. As if that were not enough, they motivate more than face a vibrant game in which the Colombians have never scored goals or beaten the Brazilians in this category.



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