Like from a novel! Vaněk and his wife at the time were given asylum by the Kvitovs…

Petra Kvitová and Jiří Vaněk

Source: Profimedia

Tennis player Petra Kvitová announced the most beautiful news on the social network. Her longtime partner Jiří Vaněk asked her to marry him and she said yes. The couple in love has been officially dating since 2021. But the spark between them seems to have jumped long before that.

It could be said that in the case of tennis player Petra Kvitová, everything bad is good for something. The beautiful athlete has been happily engaged for a long time now and has now come forward with information about her engagement. “We wanted to share some great news with you. I said yes in my beloved place,” Kvitová revealed to fans on the social network. However, the couple in love did not have an easy time at the beginning of their relationship.

They have known each other for years

Jiří Vaněk became Petra Kvitová’s coach in 2016, and in addition to work, they also shared a very good friendship. According to a source in the newspaper Blesk, the spark between them should have jumped after Kvitová was attacked in her apartment in Prostejov and subsequently found refuge in her coach’s house. However, he was still married to tennis player Markéta Vaňková at that time.

The coach subsequently announced a divorce and stayed with Kvitová for some time. At that time, however, both of them vehemently denied that love would be born between them. “It’s no secret that Petra Kvitová provided coach Vaňka with asylum in his difficult situation, so that he could sleep several times in her spacious suite in the guest section. However, it was only an extraordinary help at a time when his apartment was undergoing renovations and when, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was practically impossible to find a replacement home. The two of them work together purely on a professional player-coach level,” claimed the tennis player’s spokesperson for the aforementioned editorial office, trying to refute assumptions about the relationship.

They only admitted the relationship last year

After several years of speculation, Kvitová only admitted her affection for Vaňko last year and insisted that the love was born much later than others thought. “For so long everyone put us together, for so long everyone asked us, until we became a couple,” the tennis player told iSport in August 2021 and officially confirmed the new acquaintance. Even so, the beginnings of their relationship raise a lot of questions. The main thing, however, is that they are both very happy today and looking forward to a joint journey through life.



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