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On Tuesday, August 30, the Fortuna League had three matches in the sixth round, one of which was a duel between Jablonec and Sparta Prague. However, despite the numerical advantage, they only drew with David Horejš’s men and are now receiving massive criticism from their fans. So how do Spartan fans react to the draw with Jablonec?

Sparta entered the match against Jablonec well, when Kryštof Daněk opened the scoring in the tenth minute. The first half was clearly in the direction, but at the end of it, however, she eased up and conceded after a mistake to make it 1:1.

Twenty-six-year-old Miloš Kratochvíl made his mark for Jablonec. The Spartans were stronger on the ball in the second half as well, but only to the limit of the big goal. In the 55th minute, Jakub Považanec also received a second yellow card and the home team went to ten.

However, Brian Priske’s team did not take advantage of the numerical advantages and produced only one shot that went between the three posts for the entire match. The match thus ended in a 1:1 draw, and in this case it is a clear loss for Sparta.

Fan reaction

It is not surprising that Sparta is currently being massively pillaged by its supporters on social networks. Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook profiles, fans are simply making it clear that they are dissatisfied.

Out of frustration, even after the sixth round of the Fortuna League, the fans are already talking about the lost fight for the title, and basically all commentators agreed on one thing. And the fact that this is not really how you play for first place.

For example, a fan who goes by the name Jenda Rada on Twitter wrote: “I don’t like it anymore. I understand the rebuilding, but damn it, we have to beat Jablonec by ten even blindly.”

Other fans also supported Kutil Tim’s argument. For example, KennyG wrote that you really can’t win with one shot on goal in 96 minutes.

In his comment, fan Jiří Frydrych recalled the times of David Lafata or Ladislav Krejčí.

“Fortunately we are not in the cups, disgrace after disgrace and tragic performances continue. Our staff is terrible, low-quality, lax, lazy, but very well paid, that’s a great combination, really. If Jablonec didn’t go to ten, we leave without a point. Our non-kickers wouldn’t lose, you’re a tragedy.” responds Ethan Kelevra.

Fan Milan Procinger then praises Daňko and Lukáš Sadílek in his commentary and encourages the Spartans to the next match.

“Very poor performance. In the end, we can be happy for the point. The only one who can take it upon himself is Daněk. Why did he even go down? If he couldn’t, then ok, otherwise I don’t understand. I still liked Sáďa and Holec was definitely catching. To win at home and get the obligatory three points!”

Fan Denis Barčák, on the other hand, writes that he is a supporter of the statement “let’s give it time”, but…

Libor Dvořák apparently successfully concluded the whole topic with his comment, who wrote the following: “Sorry, but there was nothing, just nothing! I hope no one comes up to you on Saturday so you know how we feel. Shame on you!”

Objectivity must not be lacking, but no one can be surprised by Spartan supporters

As we already wrote above, Sparta fans are understandably angry. And objectively it can be admitted that they really have a reason for this. At the start of the season, the team from Prague was surprisingly eliminated from the European Cup when they lost to Stavanger, they did not even succeed in entering the new league year.

After that came three winning games, but a home draw with Bohemians and now another scrimmage on the ground of a weakened Jablonec – this is something that simply lifts the Spartan fans out of their seats. And that in the negative sense of the word.

Source: AC Sparta Prague



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