Leipzig’s DFB Cup game: Mintzlaff takes out the media scolding – Sky reporter counters

RB Leipzig and Max Eberl agree on working together. The sports director, who is currently on leave at his own request and who has a contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach until 2026, should be in charge of sporting fortunes in Saxony in the future. At least that’s what TV broadcaster Sky reported on Tuesday.

A message that obviously upset Oliver Mintzlaff. In any case, the managing director of RB Leipzig used the TV interview before his team’s cup game against regional league team Teutonia Ottensen to vent his displeasure on the big stage.

“Sky actually has that exclusively. I can not confirm that. What I can confirm is that we are in contact with Max Eberl. That we would also like to hire Max Eberl as our sports director, that there is interest. Also on both sides. But that many details have not yet been clarified. And accordingly, there can’t be a starting date, as you announced,” Mintzlaff complained.

Soon in Leipzig? Max Eberl should agree with RB

Which: pa/SvenSimon/Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON

Sky reporter Patrick Wasserziehr, something like the offspring of nonchalance and sovereignty among football TV reporters (“Just stir”), remained loyal and asked: “We have several sources who say that. What does that depend on now? Ultimately, all three sides have an interest in this happening. Will that happen?”

TV presenter Patrick Wasserziehr (l.)

TV presenter Patrick Wasserziehr (l.)

Quelle: dpa/Daniel Reinhardt

But even his calm undertone could not mitigate the degree of excitement of his counterpart: “Mr. Wasserziehr, I have now tried to give you all the information here specifically,” said Mintzlaff and repeated: “namely, that there is interest, and on both sides. But nothing else has happened yet. And since it surprises me if you then know what we don’t know yet. Namely, when is the starting date, and when is a press conference supposed to take place. You are always well informed,” Mintzlaff got going and ironed out Wasserziehr’s attempt at an interjection: “If I may finish speaking: You are then a bit better informed than we are. Because the status is, and I have now announced it here exclusively to you: Yes, there is interest, but the details are far from clear. And accordingly, there is still no date when Max Eberl could possibly start with us.”

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The sentence that leaves Mintzlaff speechless

Wasserziehr, however, remembered the practices of Leipzig in the past few weeks, when RB had commented on transfer reports from the media, as now in the Eberls case.

“If I may now be very gentle,” asked the reporter: “We also had information from (David) Raum that this was going on. You denied that. It was the same with (Timo) Werner. Why shouldn’t it be the same now?”

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Mintzlaff’s answer: “Well, I’ve never denied that a player doesn’t come. We said we’ll get back to you when things are clear. And if you then think that things will be clear, but they are not yet clear because they have not been signed, then we cannot communicate them at all. Something is clear for us when everyone involved, and that includes Gladbach, of course, that includes us, that includes Max Eberl…”

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Now Wasserziehr went into detail and specified the message from his employer: “But we said: He agreed to work with you.” A sentence that left his interviewee speechless, and the seconds it took for the answer to be Reporters definitely record this unequal duel as a victory on points.

Not a good evening: Oliver Mintzlaff reacted stubbornly on the Sky microphone

Not a good evening: Oliver Mintzlaff reacted stubbornly on the Sky microphone

Quelle: dpa/Jan Woitas

“It’s promised when something is signed,” said Mintzlaff. An inconsistent sentence that underscored the functionary’s lack of sovereignty: “And he said: Yes, I can imagine that. We said: Yes, we can imagine that. But there is still a bit more to signing a contract with a sports director. And I find it a bit strange that we mix things up here, because that doesn’t have much to do with space and Timo Werner.”

Wasserziehr had heard enough and changed the subject – possibly also to save the interview: “Gvardiol, your defender, a jewel, always arouses interest. Today it is said that Chelsea threw 90 million in the ring. What’s up with that?

Mintzlaff could be happy about the bridge that the reporter built for him, but even his addition “I’m very reluctant to ask that now” could not calm the RB boss. He just snapped back: “Is that another message that Sky has?”

Wasserziehr, on the other hand, maintained sovereignty: “No, it’s a message that’s on the market. And that’s why I’m asking.” “All relaxed,” Mintzlaff replied. This, however, was by no means true of his personal condition. Even when Wasserziehr finally discussed the upcoming cup game, Mintzlaff had not calmed down: “In short, sporty: how high is the risk of tripping?” – “I’m glad we’re still talking about the game.”



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