LeBron James leaving the NBA? This detail that reveals everything

LeBron James would bid farewell to the NBA? The basketball star is said to be still disappointed with last year’s loss. Despite the work of time, James is still stuck on the past which leads him to put pressure on the team.

Apparently, LeBron is doubting his choice to stay with the Lakers. The objective being the title, the 38-year-old star has still not extended his contract. A contract supposed to be signed for a long time at 97.1 million dollars.

The main thing for James is to work with a team that aims far and high. He’d rather set sail than stay just for the money and relive last year’s fiasco. As a leader, LeBron agrees with Rich Paul to boost his team in these remarks reported by the media.

LeBron James and Rich Paul recently met the Lakers, along with Darvin Ham and Rob Pelinka. While the idea of ​​an extension has been discussed, the majority of this meeting has been spent on the team, and on important concerns, not to repeat the fiasco of last year, according to sources. James emphasized that the team must be competitive, and maintain that spirit at all times.

He believes that last year, the stay did not know how to give himself the chances of winning every night. He wants everyone to give their best, to try to win a new championship. Ham approved of that speech from James and reiterated that he wants to hold everyone accountable if necessary. For him, the defense will be the main asset of this team.



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