LeBron James and Yankees, owners of the AC Milan team

The basketball star LeBron James and the team of MLB New York Yankees are behind the purchase of the current champion of the A leaguethe AC Milan.

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Although the multimillionaire Gerry Cardinale is the new owner of AC Milan, behind him there is a large list of shareholders who participate in the purchase of the Milan club. One of them is the star of Los Angeles Lakers.

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This is how the ‘Financial Times’ communicates it in an extensive report that serves to see how the change of ownership of the Milana process that began in May 2022. LeBron has become a regular in sports investments.

Gerry Cardinal lead the purchase of the equipment AC Milan to the Elliott Fund (also American) for a total figure of around 1,200 million euros. In this way, the current champion of Series A changes hands although he maintains the base: continue with a stable project economically speaking and always within viability. Paolo Maldini and his team will continue to lead the sports area, so no change of direction is expected.

Gerry Cardinale heads Milan buying group

LeBron James is not the only one who is going to participate in the purchase of Milan, there are also the Yankees of New York, owned by the Steinbrenner family and Main Street Advisors, the Los Angeles-based fund that counts among its investors the basketball star, the famous music producer Jimmy Iovine and the rapper Drake.

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The media outlet ‘Financial Times’ reports that RedBirdwhere Gerry Cardinale is the boss, will announce the entry of its new partners this coming Wednesday, when the transaction for the purchase of the Milanese team is closed.

LeBron James It already has a long association with Cardinale, considering RedBird (the company Cardinale runs) is a shareholder in SpringHill (associated with LeBron) and Fenway Sports Group, which controls Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox.

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