LeBron at the Warriors?! The “ultimate package” that would settle the matter!

Only a few weeks ago, LeBron James imagined himself publicly evolving at the Warriors in remarks that had caused a stir. The course of the offseason could precisely push him to leave the Lakers, and why not to join Golden State thanks to a win-win deal!

As if the perilous files were not already numerous enough to manage for the franchise. Apart from the singular case of Russell Westbrook, the Lakers will also have to solve that of LeBron James in the coming days. A crucial meeting indeed awaits the King and his leaders this Thursday, one year from the end of his contract. In the event of a disagreement, the two parties could then agree on a departure this summer.

The XXL trade that would send LeBron James to the Warriors

Undoubtedly, if he were to pack up in the coming weeks, LeBron would have a say in where to go. As such, the Warriors could represent an enticing destination for him, all the more so after his recent foot call launched in the direction of the Dubs. Fadeaway World therefore imagined a transfer around which the two teams could agree, with an “ultimate package” obtained by LA:

At first sight, this exchange seems quite risky for Golden State, which would recover in the case only one year of contract of LeBron James, with no real guarantee that the King would prolong his adventure in the Bay. However, the prospect of evolving with Stephen CurryClay Thompson and Draymond Green at the end of his career is enough to motivate him to stay there for the long term.

Indeed, the quadruple MVP could probably not benefit from a better supporting cast to expand his record, and compete with that of Michael Jordan before retiring. Likewise, the Warriors could possibly draft his eldest son, Bronny, thanks to their 2024 1st-round pick, and thus definitively convince him to settle in San Francisco.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, the package they would recover thanks to this deal would allow them to approach the future more calmly. With an All-Star in the prime of his life like Andrew Wiggins, and promising players such as Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga, the succession would then be assured alongsideAnthony Davis. Not to mention the possible draft choices that they could bring back in their suitcases!

A recurring track for a few years, the rumor sending LeBron James to the Warriors could therefore materialize this summer via this exchange set up by Fadeaway World. In any case, the King would certainly not veto it!



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