Las Vegas Raiders, season preview


10-7, second in AFC WEST previa

Summary of 2021

One of the most tumultuous seasons in the history of the Raiders, the controversy of Jon Gruden unleashed a domino effect that culminated in a classification on the edge a playoffs, a bittersweet year, because despite the fact that the leader had been causing problems in the field by abusing a gameplan Old man, he didn’t deserve such an outing.

Unfortunately, this year the inertia of starting in an untimely way continued, to end up deflating in the last months of the league, the new staff has to fix that situation, because we have already seen that the group can achieve great things with a little perseverance.


Davante Adams

the new one arrived staff and immediately started working on this movement, the WR returns with his best friend and this addition excites the black and silver fans.

Davante on the Raiders /

Chandler Jones

An old acquaintance of staff technically, on paper the defensive line with Crosby and Jones sounds scary, a good understanding is needed, because we know that the AFC west It’s going to be a show this year.

Jayon Brown

an elite player in coverage, but with problems in “tackling”, is going to be lined up against the tight end rivals, which is urgent, because this society always suffers from problems in covering them.

Dylan Parham

He comes to give versatility to an offensive line that needs immediate improvement, he can play in all positions in this department except for LT, it is predicted that they will decide to assign him the position of Guardit’s not very high, but it works well for the block on the run.

Dylan Parham /

Rock Ya-Sin

Those in Nevada were in urgent need of a cornerback (when not?), they bagged a very young element in Ya-Sin, with buffing skills, has improved coverage man to man at the cost of deteriorating in the area, that has made it highly penalized.


Jon Gruden

without the exit of coachwe probably wouldn’t have talked about the playoffs, it was a serious emotional blow, but the players and Saddlebag they managed to form a resilient association, also the loss of this character allows us to see a different future for the franchise

Jon Gruden /

Alec Ingold

In a strange way the news fell, one thought that this Swiss Army knife was going to be liked by Josh McDanielsbut he chose to bring his acquaintance, Jakob Johnson, the FB out of Wisconsin is already missed.

Yannick Ngakoue

Just when we thought the DE had finally found its place after wandering around 4 franchises in 3 years, it’s swapped to the Colts for a CB, I do not take this in a good way and has declared many times his desire for revenge against his former team, whom he will coincidentally face in week 10.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Josh McDaniels

When it was taken for granted that he would inherit the chair of Bill Belichickwas weighted by the offer of the former Oaklandin Foxborough They did not see his exit with bad eyes, because his scheme had become predictable, perhaps with Derek Carr exploit that effective style of play again, we are hopeful that what happened in his first adventure with Denverafter 12 years of that, he has declared to have learned from his mistakes.

Josh McDaniels /


Offensive Coordinator: Mick Lombardi

The former Massachusetts receivers coach is up in this New England combo, there’s not much to say, it will be his first season in the position, perhaps the history of Greg Olsenwho acted more as an assistant to Jon Gruden than as a coordinator, in the end the one who had the last word was the head coach.

Attack MVP

Derek Carr

He will be criticized, he will be defended, but the truth is that, without him, the attack will not work; although exaggerated judgments remain, many of them are well founded, since the mistakes he makes remain the same in general, fortunately, each season that goes by, he looks better, it is expected that the ex-OC’s style of play of the P’satriot take advantage of your talent.

Derek Carr /

Strategy and other positions

West Coast Offense

Jon Gruden managed to potentiate the QB with fast passing tactics, conquering the field horizontally, which led to the fact that Carr abused the passes to the RBs being highly criticized. slot receivers y tight ends. your exhaust valves

Even so, thanks to this the QB product of Fresno State could enjoy his best season statistically, Josh McDaniels will have to keep up the momentum, in addition to having all the capabilities of the group that has been assembled.

There are no longer only elements to launch the pass horizontally, because with Davante Adams the options will be diversified in terms of aggressiveness, finally a WR1 arrives

One of the internal competitions in which the look to be attentive is that of the running backs, Josh Jacobs comes from a bad season, the leadership brought with him an old acquaintance of his, Brandon Bolden, Kenyan Drake endures on the roster and in addition to what was previously delimited, «draftearon» to what seems to be the future of the position, Zamir Whitean aggressive runner who may turn out to be a stealbut with a certain tendency to get injured, the 4 have points for and against.

Raiders players doing pineapple /

Eleven attack type

QB 4 Derek Carr
RB 28 Josh Jacobs
WR 17 Davante Adams
WR 84 Keelan Cole
WR 13 Hunter Renfrow
THE 83 Darren Waller
LT 74 Kolton Miller
LG 76 John Simpson
C 68 Andre James
RG 67 Lester Cotton
RT 70 Alex Leatherwood
FB 45 Jakob Johnson


Defensive Coordinator: Patrick Graham

He dreamed of head coaching for several teams, but miraculously landed on the Raiders, this is another addition that sparks optimism for the near future and in the long run, it will certainly boost the skills of the elements that make up the defense.

Defense MVP

Maxx Crosby

He has learned by leaps and bounds, in addition his physical improvement is impressive, with his alcoholism problem overcome, he became the leader of the defensive trench, a generational athlete.

Maxx Crosby /

Strategy and other positions

Graham is very versatile, since his first conference he has said that he will adapt to the conditions of his guys, even so, the tendency is to fit a 3-4 or 4-2-5 formation instead.

His focus is that the DE and DT pressure the QB, while the LBs are dedicated to covering the area, he prefers that the CBs are man to man, but still find the balance to position them in zone coverage, 2 will be used Safetieyes, the strong safety will rotate coverage jobs to the TEs and HBs in conjunction with the box Linebacker.

It has a great average in preventing conversions in 3rd down y redzone.

Eleven defense types

LDE 98 Maxx Crosby
DT 90 Johnathan Hankins
RDE 55 Chandler Jones
OLB 99 Clelin Ferrell
MLB 50 Jayon Brown
MLB 52 Denzel Perryman
OLB 57 Kyle Fackrell
LCB 27 Trayvon Mullen
SS 24 Johnathan Abram
FS 25 Trevon Moehrig
RCB 26 Rock Ya-Sin
NB 39 Nate Hobbs

Special teams

the troops Daniel Carlson and AJ ColeThe kicker he was the leader in points with 150, he benefited from the cancer of the clan that is not making opportunities in the red zone with touchdownsfortunately for the cause, the graduate of Auburn es clutch.

The 3 keys for this season

  • The understanding of Carr and Adams

Taking risks is imperative to take the next step in the rise of the attack, the vices of the past must be improved now, you cannot afford to waste opportunities in short yardage or in red zone and the provided weapons make us believe that the jump can be reached already.

Carr and Adams, together again /

  • Consolidate the offensive line.

Alex Leatherwood It was definitely a disappointment, but it was anyway. Kolton Miller in his rookie season and now he is one of the Best Players at his position, this section must improve his game, as he is going to face renewed defenses.

It perpetuates itself as the weak link of the collective and the elements that arrived do not seem to be the definitive solution, Mullen must overcome injuries, Hobbs it was a great success Mayockeven so, it is a slot cornerbright things are still expected from Trevon Moehrigwho needs help Jonathan Abramthe latter is expected to see snaps as hybrid linebacker.

Three matches to follow

The 6 conference games will represent a fierce battle, the AFC west It was nurtured with dozens of names and signings that make it look like the most difficult in the entire NFLeven so, we will close to 3 of all of them.

Raiders vs Chiefs en Arrowfield, semana 5

By this date they will have already faced the 3 conference rivals, in case of having obtained a good income, Carr is not given this venue, if he comes out ahead, it will serve to shore up the course. prior prior prior prior prior prior prior prior

Raiders vs. Rams at Sofi Stadium, week 14

What better test for the staff than facing the champion of the superbowl?, At this point we would already know if the group fights for playoffs u will occupy the last position in the table. prior prior prior prior prior prior prior prior

Raiders vs. Patriots in Las Vegas, week 15

Regardless of whether the record for the week that the confrontation touches is positive or negative, this duel is going to mean a lot to the head coach to face his master, a battle for pride will be waged

Record pick 2022: 10 – 7

Playoffs 2022: NO

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