“Large screen in Piazza Monte Grappa for the European Basketball”

The deputy leader of the League in the city council in Varese Stefano Angeia member of the Sports and Youth Commission, asks the municipal administration to install a giant screen in the square so that he can follow the European basketball games.

“The national team coach is our honorary citizen – comments Angei – Gianmarco Pozzecco has an indissoluble bond with the garden city, as well as Charlie Recalcati his current Deputy, unforgettable coach of the ’99 championship and for this reason at the time the League proposed to make him an honorary citizen. Varese must make its closeness to the team felt and above all it cannot escape such an important appointment for our city, which we proudly always remember being a land of sport and in particular of Basketball: in fact, Varese has had, and still has today, leading roles in the world of basketball ».

For Angei: «It would be nice to see the games all together in the square, with that big screen that made us dream and sigh over and over again, hoping that in the end we can release a victorious scream towards the sky. So that Vareseonce again, may it once again enter history ».



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