La Nación / Horst, the athlete from Chaco who pedals towards ASU2022

Horst Vogt, 31 years old, is a Paraguayan BMX Racing athlete who competed in the recent Bolivarian Games in Valledupar–Colombia. He has the merit of being the first Paraguayan representative of this sport at an international level. In fact, the young man from Chaco is still the only exponent of this sports discipline in our country, so he hopes to sow a seed among young people, motivate them to practice this exciting form of cycling and get to represent Paraguay.

In a conversation with Horst, the athlete talks about his international experience at the Valledupar-Colombia Games, his preparations for the ASU 2022 Games and what it means that Paraguay can have, in a short time, the first BMX track for training and high-level skills.

“It was an honor to compete there in BMX Racing. For me and for Paraguay, this sport is something very new and being there with runners who have already been in the Olympic Games was something very nice and it was a learning experience,” said the athlete, referring to his participation in the event held in Colombian lands. .

BMX Racing athletes use a lightweight bike to be able to hold it in the air.

He explained that BMX Racing is a very demanding sport that involves a lot of discipline. “Normally one begins to practice it as a child, perhaps I started a little late. Precisely, I have been following the networks of the Games for two years and a year ago I wrote on Instagram to the ASU2022 account asking if they will make a track for this sport and they answered yes! and from then on I told myself: buy a bike and sign up”, she commented.

But embarking on this great challenge was not easy since he had to travel to Germany to find a bicycle that complied with the regulations of the sport and start full training. The athletes of this type of cycling use a light bicycle to be able to hold it in the air and it has 20-inch diameter wheels, and a single braking system, located on the rear wheels.

ASU2022 will be the biggest challenge for Horst.

Among so many sports and disciplines, the question for Horst was why he chose BMX racing. “I like extreme sports, the adrenaline and I also wanted a challenge and I wanted to try it,” he replied. And he added: “For me, getting on the bike is already fun, it’s a passion. Since I was a child I already did sports with a bicycle.

He mentioned that he had the opportunity to do a bit of motocross, “but this is very different, something very demanding, now I realize how demanding this sport is, so I stayed one more week in Colombia to practice and then I realized that it is quite Lasted”.

After his enriching experience in Valledupar, the athlete is now focused on getting to the ASU2022 Games in the best possible way, his biggest challenge. “The first goal is to participate, there are very good riders, in the future we will have more bikes here in Paraguay and more competitors will appear. Personally, I will seek to be there and if a medal appears it would be great ”, he announced.

The cyclist was especially enthusiastic about the construction of a modern BMX track in Paraguay: “The track is something very important because in some countries this sport has existed for 30 years and in Paraguay we are starting from scratch. I think it is very important for the country because in the future there may also be champions in the discipline”, he underlined while indicating that this track will motivate more young people to want to venture into this sport.

BMX Racing consists of the participation of 8 riders who go down a ramp of 5 to 8 meters depending on the track that is 400 meters long and has several obstacles. Whoever reaches the finish line is the winner. Even the training is different, according to the athlete, since the limbs and strength are worked more.

The young man from Philadelphia, Chaco, had an unforgettable experience at the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar-Colombia.

Horst Vogt is originally from Philadelphia, Chaco. He works in the Dairy CO-OP offices and also owns a gym where he trains daily. He says he is proud and honored to be an inspiration to others. “I want to do my best in this competition and for other young people through me to be motivated to start something new because even a small town in Philadelphia can produce an athlete,” he said. He commented that his family did not understand much when he started in the sport, but now he does not hesitate to support him, as well as the Federation, the SND and the COP, institutions that accompany him and support him with everything he needs for the competencies of him.



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