Klaus-Michael Kühne offers millions for Hamburger SV

In all the years of decline, Hamburger SV had become accustomed to, or rather: tired, when it was time to say – new coach, new head of sport, new board. And Klaus-Michael Kühne’s rumblings from Schindellegi in Switzerland were part of the background noise of this big, small club, which has shrunk to a fairly normal second division club.

The waves of indignation were usually quickly smoothed over and were only of interest in Hamburg, because nationally and internationally completely different topics move the football world than HSV’s desperate and often embarrassing struggle to take the right path. In this respect, Kühne’s attack on Thursday afternoon can also be classified in this larger context – it is the next attempt to bring the club back to the Bundesliga with a lot of money. The reaction to this on the part of the competition may well be: Yes, yes, HSV.

The fact that Kühne has stuck to his favorite club like Pattex since joining twelve years ago and has survived many board members who wanted to get rid of him amuses all football fans who meet the Hamburgers with sarcasm or scorn. And the rivals can be happy: As long as HSV continues to argue, as is currently the case in the showdown between the board members Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld, and not without Kühne, but also not with him, he will continue to weaken in such a way that promotion is ever greater moves: Everyone gets the investor they deserve. In any case, no one in Hamburg spoke of the game at Arminia Bielefeld on Saturday (1 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the second division and on Sky).

Is the Uwe-Seeler-Stadion coming?

Kühne wants to give HSV Fußball AG 120 million euros. On the one hand, he wants to have the Volksparkstadion renamed the Uwe-Seeler-Stadion and pay three to four million euros a year for this for ten years. In addition, the 85-year-old billionaire wants to increase his stake in Fußball AG from the current 15 to almost 40 percent and donate capital of 60 to 80 million euros to the club. In return, Kühne calls for the management and supervisory board of HSV to be re-staffed with two faithful members of the control committee. In other words, whoever gives the money decides – in other words, Klaus-Michael Kühne or his envoys.



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