KBVB would like to bring Nations League final matches to Belgium next year | UEFA Nations League

In the Nations League, the Red Devils are currently 2nd in their group, 3 points behind the Netherlands.

If Belgium becomes group winner and qualifies for the final matches, the Belgian Football Association would like to organize that final round in Belgium. In the King Baudouin Stadium.

The stadium must then meet certain conditions. For example, the 50,000
seats are adapted to UEFA standards. The cost for this will be
estimated at 3 million euros.

The city of Brussels also wants to have renovation works carried out in the King Baudouin Stadium by then. Tribune 1 will be tackled inside with a renovation of the press room and the changing rooms. That would cost 1 million euros.

In addition, the athletics track will also be completely replaced and there will be a brand new track near the Memorial Van Damme of 2023.

“It is an important cost, but it is not a major total renovation. We need more resources for that and the city of Brussels cannot do it alone,” says Brussels alderman for Sport Benoit Hellings. “The renovation works were already in the
scaffolding and are now becoming really concrete.”



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