Karel Geraerts: “Our attacking players will make the difference against Rangers” | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Holding a two-goal bonus on a visit to a churning Ibrox Stadium. That is the task that awaits Union. Despite a pale match last week, the Rangers believe in a turnaround. “Our goal is the Champions League, so we don’t think about anything but victory.”

  1. in advance, 7 p.m. 09. Geraerts: “Keep the ball as long as possible”. At Union they don’t plan to park the bus against Glasgow Rangers. “If we have the ball, we want to play ahead and keep up with the ball,” said Union coach Karel Geraerts. “I am convinced that my attacking players will make the difference. Not only by scoring, but also by keeping up with the ball and threatening.” Geraerts knows it will be a unique atmosphere in Glasgow. “The whole city sympathizes and is about to explode. The players have to be mentally strong. But they also have to enjoy themselves.” .
  2. before, 7 p.m. 08. It’s not our plan to crawl backwards. Union coach Karel Geraerts.
  3. in advance, 16 hours 21. Rangers has 1 goal: the CL. “Our goal is to reach the Champions League”, the clear language of Rangers midfielder John Lundstram. “We are thinking of nothing but the victory against Union.” “You shouldn’t talk too much about a game like tomorrow. We know what we have to do as Rangers players. We have put ourselves in this position, but we can rectify this together with our fans. Everyone knows how the atmosphere is.” here on European evenings. We’ll need them again tomorrow.” .
  4. in advance, 16.20. Our goal is to reach the Champions League. We think of nothing but the victory against Union. John Lundstram.
  5. in advance, 4:15 pm. Rangers coach remains combative. With the support of 50,000 Scottish supporters, Giovanni van Bronckhorst hopes the Rangers can erase the bad first leg against Union. “Whoever we play against, we always have confidence in our own house”, the trainer sounds combative. “The atmosphere here is always fantastic and I’m sure it will be the same tomorrow.” “The whole team was very disappointed last week, but now we have a chance to rectify this. Last week we did not show our normal European level. Tomorrow we will have to perform very strongly.” .
  6. before, 4:15 pm I think everyone is dying for that European stunt. If we get one lap further, we’ll see where the ship will run aground. Dante Vanzeir.
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  8. in advance, 4 pm 11. Does Union give itself a bonus? If Union gets past Rangers, the club can expect a bonus of 5 million euros. A nice welcome gift that Philippe Bormans would be very happy to receive. “We will never have the budget to put together a team at Champions League level, but 5 million would of course help to do something left or right. Or for the construction of a new stadium,” said the CEO of Union. .
  9. in advance, 4 p.m. 10.
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