Juve-Roma, Allegri: “Szczesny is there, Bonucci is not. On Dybala and Milik …”

The Juve coach towards Roma: “Always interesting to find Mourinho, he is doing a great job. For Di Maria, target Florence. We are waiting for the clearance for Arek: he can also play with Vlahovic”

by our correspondent Marco Guidi

A dig at the “players” and critics, but many caresses to the “enemies” of tomorrow. Max Allegri on the eve of Juventus-Roma has sweet words for Paulo Dybala (“We have lived extraordinary years together, he has entertained the fans and me so much”) and José Mourinho (“You can see that he is shaping the team in his image and likeness ”), Less for those who criticized his Juve for the draw at Sampdoria. “I also know that we played badly in the first half, but I would not like to look for fun and then you become beautiful and losers”. On social media, the image of Juve’s construction in the first 45 ‘with Sampdoria caused a sensation: “I saw the images and obviously we made a mistake: the midfielder got up, Locatelli got too low and we emptied the midfield. But I’m angrier about the recovery, when we had to bite the game and win it. It will still happen that we will play dirty games, but there are 95 ‘to bring home the three points, even after a bad 45’ we have to insist and believe in it ”. The figure of Dusan Vlahovic was especially impressive, with those 9 balls touched in 90 ‘. “If he touched only one and scored, I’d be happy”, Max cuts short with a joke.


Absences also weighed on Genoa. The Juventus coach takes stock of the infirmary, with a surprise: tomorrow there will not even be Leonardo Bonucci. “He’s still not well and he won’t be called up. He feels the odd leg and I don’t want to put things in half. Leo is so important that there is no point in taking risks ”. Good news instead from Di Maria: “he worked partially with the group. It could be difficult with Spezia, but we hope to have him available for Fiorentina ”. Longer times for Chiesa and Pogba. With Roma, Szczesny will be among the squads, although Perin could be confirmed in goal.


Allegri also expects to have Arek Milik, the latest arrival, at his disposal. “We are waiting for the authorization – explains the technician -. I am very happy with him, he has extraordinary numbers, he likes to meet, so he could also play with Vlahovic. Indeed, for tomorrow an idea is flashing through me that came to my mind when I returned to the locker room. Who knows… “. For sure there will still be Paredes, who could be the last signing of the Juventus strengthening campaign. “Paredes has not yet arrived and we will see if he will arrive – concludes Max-. Stronger than last year? The results will tell, not me. In the meantime, let’s see how we close the market and when we recover all the injured ”. On the Champions League draw, however, he comments: “PSG is one of the strongest teams in Europe, if not the strongest. We will play the next round in the double match with Benfica.”


Mystery about training for tomorrow. “It will be the first direct match of the year and I still have some doubts in defense and in midfield. And then it also depends on whether Milik is present or not ”. In short, if this idea that is flashing in Allegri’s head will be confirmed or not, we will only know tomorrow at 6.30 pm.



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