Juve loses Di Maria. The substitute can come from the market: he tightens for Depay

The light in the night of the Allianz Stadium, then the shadows of the following day. Angel Di Maria probably could not have wished for a better debut: in goal, dominant far and wide and already the absolute reference point of the team. But then that annoyance to the adductor, the stop, the grimaces and the replacement after just over an hour of play. The day after, yesterday, the moment of the instrumental examinations which highlighted the need to stop for at least a couple of weeks.

There is injury for Di Maria, Cuadrado and Kostic the immediate substitutes.
Angel Di Maria underwent radiological examinations this morning at J | Medical which revealed a low-grade lesion of the adductor longus muscle of the left thigh. In 10 days it will be re-evaluated again”, This the press release appeared on the Juventus official website which clarifies the results of the exams and outlines the next steps. No Sampdoria, no Rome and then it will be up to the player and the medical staff to understand the progress of the injury and draw up the return table with his teammates. So the best player of the debut will not be in the next matches and Allegri will have to focus on Cuadrado and Kostic as alternatives already present in the squad in the role of external, with Moise Kean returning from disqualification as another possibility. There are opportunities, but certainly none at the Fideo level.

The substitute can come from the market: Juve is tightening for Depay.
Then there is also the transfer market that already within the next exit, scheduled for Monday evening in Marassi against Sampdoria, could give the Livorno coach an extra solution in the offensive department. Obviously the protagonist responds to the name of Memphis Depaystruggling with a last year of contract to be terminated with Barcelona. And it is precisely there that the game is played, between the Dutchman and the blaugrana club. Because Depay and Juventus are basically in agreement on everything and the bianconeri are awaiting the resolution of the agreement in force with the Catalans to then sign with Madama. These are hot days, Juventus is tightening for Depay.



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