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Junior de Barranquilla was once again that team that completely regrets leaving the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium. Without a doubt, his strength is to play as a local, and not as a visitor. It is not at all new that it is difficult for him to visit the different places of Colombian Professional Soccer, and it does not matter that he has the figures that he has in his squad.

The Barranquilleros debuted in the competition with a loss as a visitor against Patriotas. Tunja, a place not at all favorable. Against La Equidad in Bogotá, they equalized goalless and against Águilas Doradas in Rionegro, they did not go from parity to a goal either. It is a different one when Roberto Meléndez leaves Metropolitano, and another when he plays at home.

For this commitment, Juan Cruz Real came out with a very different team from the one he has been showing. He returned to include Carlos Esparragoza in his starting list, and, in addition, he jumped with Iván Rossi who received his first start. He again put the line of three in defense with two wide-open wings as wingers, a Gabriel Fuentes as a brand midfielder, and even an armed man who weighed little and a Fernando Uribe very alone in the attack. In the snap, he restructured his team.

For FUTBOLRED we analyze the equality of Junior de Barranquilla:

Iván Rossi did not weigh: That clarity that the Argentine had shown in the first games that added minutes coming as a substitute disappeared in his first start. He was very far from that trident in midfield that Juan Cruz Real lined up alongside Carlos Esparragoza and Gabriel Fuentes. He was the one who had to sacrifice the most defending, he appeared in Marco Pérez’s goal and was not accurate in passes or rebounds. He shows that he has not yet been able to adapt.

Gabriel Fonts Flyer: as well as Iván Rossi, Gabriel looked unfocused in that spinal cord. Inaccurate passes that did not reach their destination and also, far from connecting with the defenders who were very sacrificed in that line of three. The midfield, and the defensive defense was very permeable and easy for the attackers to pass through.

Two improvised extremes: the extremes had little impact on the brand, and the band was a festival where Joel Contreras attacked incessant opportunities, one of the figures on the right side to center and look for Marco Pérez. Neither Edwin Velasco nor Fabián Viáfara weighed in either.

Impact Carlos Bacca: As has been the custom, the brand new contract that Juan Cruz Real has not yet dared to line up as a starter demonstrates his worth and importance. Once he entered for Edwin Velasco, it was a change initially to restructure. Gabriel Fuentes moved to the left wing again, and it was a highly offensive variant. With little on the court, he showed flashes, and equalized with a catch in the area and a shot to the far post. The striker is still the most important piece without a doubt.

He had to restructure: When Carlos Bacca came in for Edwin Velasco he passed Gabriel Fuentes as left back, a natural position for Fuentes. Juan Cruz Real wanted to keep players like Yesus Cabrera, Edwuin Cetré, Didier Moreno, Bacca and Daniel Giraldo. By coincidence, those were the five changes. He improved dramatically once he made those variations.

Sebastian Viera Salvador: In his 602nd match, the Uruguayan was once again that influential and fundamental guardian so that his goal did not receive any more goals against. He stopped a shot to Joel Contreras, two to Marco Pérez before Junior’s equalizer, one of them with a tremendous reaction when the Chocoano defined a heel. Vital for Juan Cruz Real.



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