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Spicy start to the week on Win Sports’ ‘Sake Long’ program. The former soccer player Julian Tellez got into a heated argument with the journalist Jose Hugo Illera. What started as a debate on the topic john royal cross in Junior from Barranquillaended with a discussion on a personal level between the two.

The controversy began when the Junior theme was put on the table, after on Sunday, with a packed Metropolitano, it fell 1-2 against Once Caldas. Defeat that many considered crucial to define the departure of the controversial coach Juan Cruz Real.

In this order of ideas, Eduardo Luis affirmed that the shark team usually fails in situations of vital importance and that was demonstrated against Eleven, when they “played better” and still could not get the three points.

Given this, Illera said that “if you win a team that is not good, something is wrong with your team.” Statement that both Eduardo Luis and Téllez criticized. “You have no idea about football,” they both sentenced.

That’s where the fight started. Illera understood that this phrase had only been said by Téllez and he exploded: “Julián, if you are the only one who knows about football, from this moment on I will give information and we will not debate… you speak on your own then, old man”.

Despite this, the ‘Matador’ insisted that he criticized his partner because in football “not always when you are better, you win”. But this only aggravated the situation. Illera continued to speak angrily until the former soccer player got tired.

“Come, I’ll tell you something, José Hugo. Stop grabbing it with me all the time and every day. Every time you go out you’re grabbing them with me. Here Eduardo is telling you the same thing and you are not capable of saying it”.

With the tension so high, it was the turn of fellow panelist Mariano Olsen to lower the spirits. Likewise, later Eduardo Luis valued Illera’s work as a correspondent for Barranquilla and congratulated him for giving his opinion in debate. That did make it clear that it couldn’t get personal.

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