JUDO. Sarah-Léonie Cysique: “The secret is work and rigor”

Sarah-Léonie Cysique: “We can also try new tactical things so as not to be too predictable for my opponents. » (©The Pays d’Auge)

Vice Olympic champion and team title, Sarah-Léonie Cysique is already, at 24, one of the leaders of France in view of the next Olympic Games in Paris. Maintenance.

Sarah-Léonie Cysique, what do you think of the French team’s stay at Houlgate?

Houlgate. It’s not too hot and it’s important for us to be in good conditions. Here the conditions are perfect. Everything is in place to avoid the bus. The rooms are right next to the dojo, it’s perfect.

You won individual silver and team gold at the last Tokyo Olympics. What memories do you have of the Tokyo Olympics?

At the same time, I have the impression that it is far, but also very close. It’s definitely a boost for the rest of my career.

What is the secret of your success and that of the French team?

The secret is hard work and rigour. I also had a lot of coaches who brought me a lot. I’ve had plenty of trainers with different advice. Now, there are always things to adjust to be even more efficient.

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Sarah-Leonie Cysique:
Sarah-Léonie Cysique: “Paris, these are going to be extraordinary Games. » (©The Pays d’Auge)

In what area can you progress?

I can progress in maturity already even if I took two years. We can also try new tactical things too so as not to be too predictable for my opponents.

France will participate in October in the world championships from October 6 to 13 in Tashkent. What will your ambitions be?

I’m aiming for the title at the world championships. I go there for that.

Sarah-Leonie Cysique:
Sarah-Léonie Cysique: “I want lots of medals. » (©The Pays d’Auge)

And after, it will be the preparation for the Olympic Games?

Behind, before Paris 2024, there will still be a world championship, but also a European championship and I want lots of medals (laughs).

And in Paris?

After in Paris, of course, I’m aiming for a medal, but rather in gold (smile). Paris, these are going to be extraordinary Games. I want to wear the colors of France high and get two titles (individual and team).

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