Judo League of Reunion: The foot in the stirrup

While most of the emissaries from the Champions Route flew back to mainland France on Friday, four of them (Christian Diot, DTN in charge of Dom-Tom, Lucas Gaudillère, administrative and financial manager in charge of Dom -Tom, Michèle Lionnet, representative of the FFJ and Arnaud Seguin, responsible for 1,000 Dojos) extended their stay in Reunion to ensure the implementation of the various projects launched during this tour.

Among the latter, Bernard Laterrière had taken advantage of the arrival of several high-ranking judges to negotiate a change of rank in Reunion and thus avoid a trip to mainland France in October. “The idea was to kill two birds with one stone, confirms the president of the Reunion Judo League. The four candidates obtained their 6th Dan while one of the two applicants for the 5th Dan received it.”

In parallel with the Itinerary of Champions, the FFJDA, in consultation with the Reunion Judo League, had decided to take advantage of the opportunity to lay the first stones of the “1,000 Dojos” operation.

Soon two new dojos

Specially dispatched to the site, Arnaud Seguin, the manager of 1000 Dojos, went throughout the week to meet social landlords to present the project to them: identify vacant premises to make them available to an association wishing to create a dojo and finance its installation. “There are two contracts that have been signed, one in Saint-Leu the other in Saint-Joseph, and this should lead to the creation of these dojos in December-January, continues Bernard Laterrière. Between the establishment of this project and the Itinerary of Champions, we are now waiting to see the benefits in terms of licenses…

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