Judo – JC Wimpassing enjoyed a creative training camp

At the end of August, 80 judoka gathered at the federal sports center in Hintermoos/Maria Alm under the leadership of Wimpassing President Erwin Häring for the ASKÖ NÖ Judo Summer School. The relaxed atmosphere and wide range of activities made the training camp a successful sporting event.

In addition to children and young people from Neunkirchen and Wimpassing, there were also judo fighters from Baden, Zeltweg, etc. at first. The main objective of the week was to develop new techniques in the three different groups in three daily training units, consolidate and test them in practice matches on the one hand, and improve endurance, coordination and speed on the other. “On the one hand, we took the opportunity to work on our judo skills, but on the other hand, the main focus was to have fun moving,” JCW coach Adi Zeltner and Häring emphasize the main idea.

The afternoon program could not be missing either: with dodgeball, football, movie evenings, relay games and a visit to the disco, the fun was not lacking. In the middle of the week there were no judo units. Some decided to explore nature and went hiking in the surrounding mountains.

“On the one hand, we took the opportunity to work on our judo skills, but on the other hand, the main focus was to have fun moving”

A varied unit with games and acrobatic exercises was scheduled for the children’s group in the morning. In the afternoon there was a sports games rally. Here children and young people were able to try their luck with basketball, long jump, football dribbling and a skills course. At the end of the day, the winners were finally chosen. During breaks, children also have fun on the hard court or in the pool.

As in the previous year, the joint training session for the children and the integration group was a highlight of the week. This year, parents also had the opportunity to attend boot camp. For them there was also a program of Qigong units, coordination, mobility and strength.

“All in all, the week was a complete success. There was a lot of sweat and laughter. Also, friendships could be formed,” Wimpassingen officials said.



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