Judo Gold Medalist Naohisa Takafuji “Until 2 days before the Olympics…” Reveals the side of the game that can’t be stopped


August 2, 2022 21:00

Naohisa Takafuji who is crazy about games at night

Naohisa Takafuji, a gold medalist in judo at the Tokyo Olympics, will broadcast on the 2nd, “Dancing! Appeared in pacific saury Goten!! He revealed his true love for the game, even when his wife and trainer warned him to stop.

Takafuji says he is obsessed with the popular online game Fortnite. He says it’s a game where 100 people compete in a battle royale and aim for first place. Because he is busy practicing judo during the day, he plays games at night, and his wife is furious every day because of the noise. “Every day, every day, I get yelled at, yelled at, and I’m always thinking about quitting, but I find myself doing it at night,” she revealed.

Takafuji says that although his judo trainers have told him that “(the game) is tiring, it’s not good”, but he can’t stop. Takafuji, who is also aiming for the 2024 Paris Olympics, is advised by MC pacific saury Akashiya, “Don’t play games!” ‘, a surprising confession. “Then you won a gold medal!?”

Regarding the Paris Olympics, Takafuji said, “I will not blame the game,” no matter what the outcome. Mr. pacific saury said, “I can do it again. That. I lost in the first round and” I was playing a game yesterday … “”, saying that it was not auspicious, making the studio laugh.



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