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Without a doubt, Colombian players who play abroad are more than aware of Colombian professional soccer, and even more so when talking about a former team like Juan Fernando Quintero with Atlético Nacional. River Plate’s offensive midfielder doesn’t lose track of his country’s football, and he follows the purslane very closely.

And it is that the world of Colombian soccer continues to talk about the subject that captured many eyes: Giovanni Moreno. His departure was strange from Atlético Nacional, an idol leaving through the back door after becoming champion with the club he loves, and as if that were not enough, directly influencing to achieve the seventeenth star on his shield. Gio, a player who has always been sincere, was unceremoniously kicked out for speaking truths at the title press conference.

At that press conference, Giovanni Moreno said that Hernán Darío Herrera was the lowest paid technical director in the BetPlay League. Some testimonies that did not go well at all in the leadership of Atlético Nacional. Juan Fernando Quintero took the opportunity to talk about this issue with the influencer Dímelo King, “these things are very sad. These are things that are experienced in football and, if you watch the interview and what happened, it was natural.

It was not demanding, making someone look bad or exposing. Perhaps the people who made the decision saw it that way. But football is also talked about on the field. Nacional was champion and anything goes. We are going to judge a person who is sincere, transparent and flowed like that. Emotions sometimes betray you, but I wouldn’t crucify him for it.”

He also mentioned, “these are things that, if one sees the malice, there is no need. After one of these people, with the leadership he has, helps the team become champion after many years without winning, he is crucified like this… obviously you have to respect the decisions of the managers, as it was in this case. But I wouldn’t crucify him for that. Many times we all make mistakes, even managers. Nobody is perfect in life, we cannot judge this situation because he is a crack player”.



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