Juan Andreotti delivered clothing to more than 200 federated athletes from the San Fernando Sports Center

The Mayor and the Swimming, Roller Skating, Hockey, Tennis, and Wheelchair Basketball teams presented their new sports uniforms with emblems and colors of San Fernando Municipality, with which they will continue to represent the city in national and provincial tournaments. “We are very happy to accompany them; We continue to invest in sports because it is our best tool to have a more empathetic society”, said Mayor Juan Andreotti.

In the Sports Center No. 7 of Av. Intendente Arnoldi y Alvear, the Municipality gave federated athletes from different disciplines the official clothing to represent San Fernando in those tournaments and competitions in which they participate.

Mayor Juan Andreotti was present there, who said: “Today we have delivered sports clothing to those girls and boys who participate, compete and represent us in federated sports such as roller skating, hockey, tennis, swimming and wheelchair basketball. We are very happy to continue accompanying those who started doing sports in a social way and today they compete and continue practicing”.

“For us, sport is without a doubt the best tool for inclusion and social support, but mainly it generates meeting places, which is what we need in this divided society that we have; a place where we all know each other and sport unites us. We are very happy and we will continue investing in sports, which is our best tool for a more empathetic society”, concluded the Communal Chief.

As for the athletes who received the clothing, Carolina Poblete, born and raised in San Fernando, wears their colors and is proud of it: “I have been coming here to Poli 7 since it opened in 2017. Through these years we have put together a group of Senior Hockey, and this year we are competing in a Metropolitan League. It is a very good place to make friends and share things. It’s very good for the area, because it gets a lot of kids out of the street and they make friends. As a team we are consolidating little by little, and now there are three games coming up this month, two at home and one away, so we invite you all to come and support us here; We play on Saturdays at noon.”

The swimmer Candela Feijoó added: “Today we received the clothing to go to the competitions; we are very grateful for that to be able to represent the Municipality. We are doing very well, we are going far with the Swimming team. With my partner Facundo Castro we represented the Municipality in the National Championship of Santiago del Estero. I’ve been in the team for three years; It is a great sacrifice to come to train every day with my coach who is very patient with us, but being able to represent San Fernando at a national level is already a lot”.

“I skate, I started when I was 2 years old and I love it. Today we received the representative shirt with the colors of San Fernando, which is very nice and I liked it a lot. We are doing very well, and we had almost all podium finishes in tournaments, which is very good”, said Jazmín Silva.

And the tennis player Mauro González said: “I have represented the Municipality in Tennis for 3 years; and I play it 6 years ago. The truth is that we are doing quite well, we just had a champion two weeks ago. It is beautiful to represent San Fernando, where I live”.



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