Jorge Guzmán Basketball Club started the second visiting phase – Chronicle

Team and directors of the Jorge Guzmán Regalado Basketball Sports Club.

This Wednesday, August 03, in the province of Guayas, the Jorge Guzmán Regalado Basketball Sports Club began the second phase (date 9) as a visitor facing the Barcelona team Caballito, at the Abel Jiménez Parra Coliseum (Guayaquil). The main objective is to be champions.


Diego Xavier Guzmán González, president of the Sports Club, in an interview with Diario Crónica indicated that the planning, the development of the project have been carried out normally up to now, as a result of which they are well in the sporting, economic part and the main thing is located in the first places of the Ecuabet Básquet Pro League championship. “The fans, who are the main contribution because they help us not only financially, but also in the momentum that is needed when the players are on the court.”

With the sports meeting on Wednesday, August 03, the second phase of the championship begins; later will come the crosses and finally the play-offs. The championship will end in October.


The president of the Sports Club told this newspaper that he decided to take a risk on this project for two reasons: first, the fans of Loja like this sport; and, second, basketball had been dormant in the city and province. “When we created the project we had to have a great team and above all one that identifies -a club with warrior people, play well and give themselves in all the games-“.

He added that the club is made up of 5 foreigners, 3 nationals and 4 from Loja.(I).


The championship expects to culminate at the beginning or end of October.