Jorge Bermúdez explained why he left ESPN

It is no secret to anyone that he is a recognized journalist he has no filter when expressing his opinionsTherefore, since he stopped appearing on the well-known channel, he began to speculate on the possibility of censorship and dismissal. To end the speculations, Jorge Bermudez explained why he no longer works at ESPN Colombia and confirmed if he was kicked out or if he stepped aside.

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The unofficial version about the departure of Jorge Bermúdez from ESPN:

Unofficially, the ComuTricolor team learned that there was discomfort on the channel with Jorge Bermúdez for his treatment of other talents on the network whom he treated in public and in private as if they did not know football. For this reason, ESPN decided to cut the employment relationship. However, the only official position is the one that the commentator delivered on his networks.

Was there a problem with Óscar Córdoba and the channel’s journalists? Jorge Bermudez’s version:

On the afternoon of August 3, 2021, Bermúdez uploaded a video on his Youtube channel to explain why he left ESPN. In this he raised some questions from his followers, who were surprised not to see him on the channel’s programs.

One of the questions put on the table a supposed problem with Oscar Cordoba and also the possibility of censorship for some positions on women’s football. Given this, Bermúdez pointed out that the channel never censored him, that he had no problems with the panelists and, furthermore, that one of the heated discussions he had about women’s soccer did not cause him to leave.

None of the above. They didn’t fire me, they didn’t kick me out, they didn’t veto me or censored me, not at all.

They were referring to a program in the pre-final of women’s soccer, in which there was a heated and strong discussion with some of the fellow panelists. As always, I have my firm positions and we disagreed on many of the things that they said. But no, none of that. Nothing of that. There is no censorship of anything.

On the contrary, the people of the channel really liked that program, because it was a hot and strong debate, but with height, respect, roundness and forcefulness. I even think it was one of the best shows I did on ESPN.

I was fascinated by that program and how good it was to have closed my participation in this journalistic house with a ‘golden clasp’, to which I will always be grateful.

Jorge Bermudez

Jorge Bermúdez explained why he left ESPN:

Once he assured that he had no problems with the ESPN panelists, Jorge Bermúdez made it clear why he left the channel. An editorial opportunity and lack of time, those were the reasons why he chose to step aside.

The decision is personal. It turns out that professionals live on adventures, others call them professional challenges… We live on adventures and, when they arise, one must make decisions. Because you can’t do everything in life, you have to do one or two things and do them well. Do not try to do four or five and do them poorly or mediocrely.

A possibility in the publishing world appeared to me along the way. You know that I am a writer, I have written five books, and a great opportunity appeared to me. A great, huge and wonderful professional opportunity. A blessing from God in the publishing world.

Adding that to my obligations on the YouTube channel, which are tremendous, because we work hard, day by day, to support this machine called ‘Jorge Bermúdez y El Parche del Fútbol’, the truth is, I didn’t have the time.

He had to choose, three things he couldn’t do. Maximum two and that one already feels reached and fatigued. For reasons of time, I had to step aside and end my relationship with ESPN.

Jorge Bermudez

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