Jon Rahm saves the day with canutazos in Memphis

Jon Rahm, who this week was the father of a second son, Eneko, replicated the sequence that he already had with Kepa, that of playing under par in the tournament immediately after delivery. But his gesture, this time, was not the same as on Thursday. He had signed 69 hits on the second day of the St Jude Championship, the first filter of the FedEx Cup playoffs, with which the course on the PGA Tour was completed, but in the way it was produced it was suffered. Five birdies and four bogeys prevented him from taking flight, while those above already reached double digits under par.

It was a lap that, above all, speaks well of Barrika’s ability to react, who responded to every mistake with an immediate birdie. At most, he let one hole pass, as happened in the response on the 16th after the bogey on the 14th, in the only putt of less than three meters that he had to hole out to make a profit on the holes. In the other four birdies were from eight and 10 meters.

Not even the one on the 18th hole made him smile. The day was not for it. The four bogeys were caused by as many trips, although many were probably due to the fact that with the irons he did not leave them near the flag. The epitome was hole 3, a par 5, in which he made a frog in the lake with the second shot and ended up saving the par.

Rahm will have no problem getting into the group of 70 who advances to the next stage and surely also has a place practically assured for the final of The Tour Championship in two weeks. Rory McIlroy, among the players who aspire to win the FedEX, did not make the cut



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