Jokin Altuna decides today if he plays the La Blanca tournament

Jokin Altuna decides today if he plays the second semi-final of the La Blanca tournament. / anchovies in red


This morning he will carry out a test to see if he is fit, after confirming the MRI that he only has a blow to the shoulder

Jokin Altuna decides today if he plays the second semi-final of the La Blanca Tournament. The MRI performed on Thursday confirmed the initial diagnosis, and the striker only has a blow to his left shoulder that was injured last Friday at the Sahatsaga fronton in Getaria. The one from Amezketa learned yesterday the results that ruled out any other more serious problem, which left him much calmer, and now it is only a matter of the physiotherapy treatment that he is carrying out having its effect so that he can return to the frontons.

The impact he suffered against the lower part of the front plate when trying to lift a drop was very hard because he could not stop the inertia he carried and the area lacked the usual cushion that cushions shocks. The deltoid muscle is affected, one of the most used when arming the arm to hit the ball. Although over the last few days he has noticed an evolution, the Gipuzkoan already made it clear during the week that the pain was still important and was very cautious when setting dates for his return.

It has a month of August full of meetings because it is one of the most demanded by the municipalities, but Altuna III needs a minimum of guarantees to wear white again. On Tuesday he carried out his first test on the fronton and found that he was not fit to play. The inflammation and the bruise were still significant and the Gipuzkoan was not optimistic about his return. In fact, he suspended the match that he had scheduled for Thursday at Bera de Bidasoa. Ruled out any more serious ailment in the damaged area, it is a matter of time before everything returns to normal, but in such an intense summer of commitments he will have to see to what extent he is willing to force.

The one from Amezketa is calmer after ruling out any other problem in the damaged area

“We will have to see how the shoulder evolves in the next few days because when I raise my arm to hit the ball I still get a puncture,” he warned on Wednesday. During these days he has continued with the treatment, and this morning he will return to the field to verify his sensations.

It will be then that he decides if he is capable of facing the match he has tomorrow afternoon at the Ogueta fronton in Vitoria. He is scheduled, along with Rezusta, to face Ezkurdia and Zabaleta in the duel for the Aspe branch of the championship. In the event that he cannot play, his company will have to move quickly to find a replacement for him. In the previous meeting that he suspended, it was Irribarria who took his place, and Arama’s can repeat in the Alava capital.

Party in Plentzia

The Jai Alai court in Plentzia, meanwhile, hosts a Baiko festival tonight (9:30 p.m.) with a couple of clashes. In the main event, Urrutikoetxea and Aranguren face Jaka and Elizegi. Asteasu’s defender has earned the opportunity due to the good moment he is going through and will have an exciting commitment.

In the first game, Arteaga II and Larunbe will have Alberdi and Morgaetxebarria as rivals. The one from Amorebieta will arrive with few hours of rest after playing last night in Vitoria.



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