Jesús Martínez, owner of Oviedo, as one more subscriber

Jesus Martinez is one more. The new owner of Oviedo queued yesterday for an hour and a half in front of the club’s offices on Calle Caveda in the capital, like hundreds of fans, to become a blue subscriber. He wanted his seat in the North Fund, that of the Symmachiarri, the unconditional Oviedo fans. “Where’s the atmosphere,” he commented. But there were no more seats there. In the end, the new season ticket holder Martínez will have his place above the locker room tunnel, so as not to miss a single detail.

The arrival of the entity’s largest shareholder was at a quarter past six in the afternoon, walking from the Hotel de la Reconquista, together with José Ramón Fernández, Corporate Vice President of Media of Grupo Pachuca. At that moment the queue reached the door of the store. “I come to pay my subscription so that the players respond to us. We all want them to do well”. His presence surprised the fans, some shy at first, others elated when they recognized him. The illusion is patent and the fans are responding when it comes to getting their card from him. Just as surprised was Martínez by the queue and by the slowness with which he advanced. “I am one more. If the fans have to wait an hour here, so am I.” Of course, as the head of the entity he took good note. Resolute, he wanted to solve the situation on the fly and looked for remedies. “Tomorrow this cannot continue like this”, he affirmed. “I am very picky about these things. Treating fans is one of my preferences, and this is not right”. Imaginative, as an emergency solution to make the process more bearable, he suggested offering drinks to those waiting. What he did promise was to fix it definitively for next year and he personally saw to it that everyone was served, even if the store hours were exceeded. The “Pachuca effect” overwhelms the offices and attracts more blue mass: 700 new registrations yesterday.

Jesus Martinez queuing

With the same friendliness that he has shown since he arrived, the largest blue shareholder attended to everyone who approached him. “Bring us Mata”, the young people requested. Adrian Cruz y Adrian Alvarez. “He would have to play alone, with the financial ‘fair play’ we could not pay many more”, answered Martínez with a smile. There was time for everything. To chat with more fans, answer the phone, answer messages, do business… “Seeing so many people doesn’t give me extra pressure. We always have pressure, but we do things with love and passion. It’s nice to see how the fans He has dedicated himself to the team, and now we are going to thank him”.

After an hour and a half of patient queuing, he finally reached the counter. “With the copy of the passport it will work for me, right?”, She asked herself before dispatching with the employees. After choosing her place, she paid in cash, ticket by ticket, the 310 euros of the subscription and wore the new card with the best of her smiles.

Jesús Martínez will witness Oviedo’s debut at the Tartiere on Monday and will return to Mexico the following day. This Sunday his birthday. He had a family reunion scheduled in his country of origin to celebrate it, which should be postponed. He will celebrate it in his new home, Asturias, and, already with his new card in his pocket, he will not be able to receive a better gift than the first victory.

Jesús Martínez paying by hand for his new membership card.

The wait was worth it. She left the offices to applause. The applause endorses the hope that awakens. She took photos with everyone. There were even fans who wanted to portray him with his pets. He acted as an improvised tour guide on Mexico for some Oviedistas who asked him interesting things to see in his country. A father with a baby in his arms who was also going to get his fertilizer crossed paths with the Mexican at the exit. “Blow him a kiss, Mario,” encouraged the little boy, who instantly obeyed, putting his hand to his mouth. With another kiss, Martínez replied. There is a future and happiness in Oviedo, which is experiencing a sweet moment.



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