Jennings on Durant, he loves basketball very, very much

On August 13, Beijing time, former NBA player Brandon Jennings interacted with netizens on his personal Twitter. The two sides talked about Nets player Kevin Durant.

Jennings on Durant, he loves basketball very, very much

The netizen wrote: “I mean, Durant’s only retort to anyone who angers him is to talk about how much money he makes, and when Durant argues with fans, he only talks about how much money he has. , and won’t say anything else to refute it. He’s just a rich guy now and has no interest in basketball at all.”

Jennings refuted the netizen’s remarks, Jennings replied to the netizen and wrote: “Durant loves basketball very much, he is one of the few players I have seen who loves basketball more than money itself, he is very Great, just not good at words.”

It is worth mentioning that although Nets player Kevin Durant has earned more than $200 million in salary in his career, he is an out-and-out billionaire, but Durant himself tweeted and On instagram, the trumpet is often used to interact with netizens (splashing each other), so there are often some American netizens who are always happy to have a conversation with Durant online.

According to previous reports, Durant has reiterated to the Nets management that he wants to be traded away, and if the Nets cannot trade him before the start of the new NBA preseason, Durant has May miss the Nets’ new season.

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