Javelin thrower Weber and women’s sprint relay win gold

Aall for one, one for all. At the end of the European Athletics Championships, a sense of community was once again required in the Munich Olympic Stadium. The sprint relays for men and women were the crowning highlights of these title fights on the program – and in fact, Alexandra Burkhardt, Lisa Mayer, Gina Lückenkemper and Rebekka Haase, frenetically cheered on by the Munich audience, once again ran to gold for the German team.

What could have gone better with these atmospheric days in Munich than an interplay of different legs, hands and heads? From Monday onwards, track and field athletes from all countries praised the great audience, which above all, but not only, cheered on and sometimes inspired the German athletes to great achievements.

And that’s how it was on this seventh day of the competition – but before the relay teams were allowed to start their final work, the filigree women were still challenged on the high jump mat and the strong men in the javelin throw. The Saulheim handball school produced a European champion from Munich for the second time these days

Saulheim Handball School

Julian Weber, who once played handball with decathlon champion Niklas Kaul in the Rhenish-Hessian wine village south of Mainz, fired the 800-gram javelin at 87.66 meters in the fourth attempt – and what couldn’t be beat that evening. He had still felt shoulder pain when throwing in. But when the Munich crowd cheered for him, the Olympic and World Cup fourth-placed was unstoppable. “I can’t believe it,” the 27-year-old shouted into the stadium microphone and knew who he owed part of his success to: “Munich, you’re so awesome. Thank you very much”. Silver went to Olympic silver medalist and World Championship bronze medalist Jakub Vadlejch from the Czech Republic, who jumped 87.28 meters. The Finn Lassi Etelätalo won bronze with 86.44 meters.

New European Champion: Julian Weber from Mainz

New European Champion: Julian Weber from Mainz

Image: Reuters

Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, German hope in the high jump and third place at the European Championships in 2018, took sixth place this time with 1.90 meters. As expected, the Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchich won the title, even if she surprisingly only managed 1.95 meters.



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