Japan, which continues to strengthen for the Women’s World Cup, announces 13 people participating in the 5th training camp-Basket Count | Basket Count

Of the 15 players who participated in the warm-up match, Asahina and Noguchi will be left out.

The Japan Women’s National Basketball Team is strengthening its preparations for the Women’s World Cup 2022, scheduled to be held in Australia from September 22nd to October 1st. And the Japan Basketball Association (JBA) has announced 13 Japanese representative candidates who are participating in the 5th training camp currently in progress. Of the 15 people who participated in the “Mitsui Fudosan Cup 2022 (Miyagi Tournament)”, Azusa Asahina and Sakura Noguchi were left out.

Athletes participating in the 5th training camp
Maki Takada (PF/185cm/Denso Iris)
Tokashiki Raimu (C/193cm/ENEOS Sunflowers)
Yuki Miyazawa (SF/PF/183cm/Fujitsu Red Wave)
Nako Motohashi (PG/164cm/Tokyo Haneda Vickies)
Shiori Amma (PG/161cm/UMANA REYER VENEZIA)
Saori Miyazaki (PG/167cm/ENEOS Sunflowers)
Mai Yoshida (*See kanji footnote) (SG/175cm/Chanson Cosmetics Chanson V Magic)
Ako Sunflower (SG/SF/184cm/Denso Iris)
Horse gourd Stephanie (PF/182cm/Toyota Antelopes)
Okoe Peach Blossom (PF/182cm/Fujitsu Red Wave)
Mai Yamamoto (PG/163cm/Toyota Antelopes)
Nanako Toto (SG/SF/175cm/Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits)
Aika Hirashita (SG/177cm/Toyota Antelopes)
* Mai Yoshida’s “yoshi” is “soil” and “mouth”



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