James Rodríguez could play in Junior de Barranquilla, according to a journalist

The sporting future of Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez is still a total mystery. Although he has a contract with Al-Rayyan, the ’10’ of the Colombian National Team has said on several occasions that he wants to change clubs.

In fact, he has been linked to one or another major European team, but To date, no official offers have been made for his pass.

In the midst of all the speculations that have arisen around Cucuteño, it was learned that there is a supposed possibility that he will play in Colombia soon, more precisely wearing the Junior de Barranquilla shirt.

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This was announced by the comedian Gustavo Contreras, better known as ‘Pirata Morgan’, who assumed the role of journalist and indicated in the program ‘Kallejiando’, by La Kalle, that a very close source confirmed that the Char family I would be trying to hire the former Real Madrid player.

“This news was given to me by a very serious source close to Junior de Barranquilla. In the Char group, which manages the team, they have taken the banner of bringing Mr. James Rodríguez. Although you will say that it is pure smoke, conversations were actually advanced and the idea is to bring James, ”the humorist also said initially.

And it is that, as ‘Morgan’ explained, the Barranquilla team’s directors want to help the footballer so that he can recover his best version.

“They are going to make gigantic efforts in the organization. The idea is to reach an agreement that would be: to come for a 6-month season so that he recovers the level that we knew him. They said they are going to do everything possible to get their hands on denim, get the money and bring James, “he added.

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Lastly, he explained that contact had already been established with Jorge Mendes, representative of James Rodríguez, to look for the possibility that the cucuteño plays in the ‘Tiburón’, even if he is transferred.

“It could be a loan in which they would have James so that he can regain his level and then he can go to Europe or to a team in another important league. The group [Char] is doing everything possible to gather the resources to be able to pay for it. They are movements that cannot be done in a crazy way, but James could play in the Junior”, concluded.

Here, the ‘Pirate Morgan’ version:



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