Ivan Rene Valenciano would not take Falcao, James or Mina to the Colombian National Team | Colombia selection

The FIFA date is approaching (scheduled for the month of September) and the discussion has already begun regarding who will make up the first list of Nestor Lawrence on the Colombia selection.

Although it is a friendly, it is expected that the Argentine coach will look at possibilities in the face of the replacement that the Tricolor is asking for, after the disappointing elimination from the World Cup.

He spoke exactly about it. Ivan Rene Valenciano, more than authorized voice, in the Win Sports program ‘Sake Long’. And it is that the former soccer player referred to the present of three referents of the national team.

When questioned, Valenciano emphatically stated that if it depended on him, he would not call Radamel Falcao García, James Rodríguez or Yerry Mina.

In England the first date is barely going, in Spain it starts this weekend and in Qatar they have already had several dates but James has not played again. Today I would not summon any”, he sentenced.

For the former Junior striker, the lack of filming of the three footballers would be decisive when preparing the call. Even more so considering that both James and Mina are injured and Falcao suffered physical discomfort in the preseason.

Focusing clearly on the age for the search for the replacement, Yerry would be the only one who would have an eventual quota. Despite his vast experience, he is barely 27 years old. For his part, the ‘Tiger’ turned 36 and James 31.

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