Iván Duque joked that America has the title of B and Nacional does not

Ivan Duke was this morning on RCN Radio taking stock of his four years as president of Colombia. But the entire interview with the station did not focus on the political situation, because in the final part of it all kinds of topics were discussed.

For example, they mentioned to the president his fondness for America of Cali, a team of which he is a self-confessed fan. Duke celebrated that, during his mandate, the ‘escarlata’ team was twice champion of the Colombian league and the club’s women’s team also achieved it. (See also: “Fierce, violent and hirsute”: Duque leaves his message to the opposition before leaving)

Duque was asked if, already as former president, he would return to the stadium to watch a game of the team of his loves. The president indicated that he does want to return to the field as an amateurbut also took the opportunity to make a joke that had an impact on social networks.

The president told an anecdote. He recalled that a few days ago a friend who was a big fan of National Athletic I was talking about football with himand that the president made a comment between joke and joke.

“They were talking to me about Nacional, you know that Nacional is a very good team, and here you can’t speak badly about Nacional. The story I’m going to, to annoy them I told them: ‘Look, America has the only title that National doesn’t have, the B”Duke commented smiling.

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Duque’s comment had an impact in the last minutes and sparked comments of all kinds. Some users found it striking that the president, being a fan of Americamade a joke of that style, in which his team does not look very good.

This is the moment in which the president told that anecdote:



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