Italian Judo Championship qualification, young Marsican on the podium – Terre Marsicane

Avezzano. On Sunday 21 May at the Gelsomini Barracks of the State Police in Rome the qualifications for the Italian Cadet Judo Championship and the young Marsican promise were disputed Federica Jacoboniathlete of the Palestra Budokai of Avezzano was placed on the highest step of the podium, while a third place and a fifth respectively for Jade Galante e Vincenzo Chiarilli always Budokai athletes
The sporting event saw the participation of numerous athletes from Lazio and Abruzzo and the young Marsican athlete Federica Iacoboni defeated everyone by finishing in first place with a fight won with a beautiful technique of throwing the opponent on the ground after having brilliantly dodged a attack that was evaluated with a Waza-ari and immediately immobilizing the rival on the ground and not giving him a way to move that Ippon decreed, or the highest score in Judo.
Great satisfaction for the technicians Salvatore Galante, Vincenzo Lo Zito e Francesco Di Benedetto of the Budokai Gym who followed her in the preparation and accompanied her.
With this brilliant qualification our promising young Federica Iacoboni is the only Marsican athlete to take part in the Final of the Italian Cadet Judo Championship which will be held in Riccione next June and will certainly try to give the best of herself for the coveted goal. Italian bringing the Budokai Judo Gym and our city of Avezzano in the National ranking.



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