Is it possible to pay an instructor today? (1st Part)

Let’s continue our journey into the possible future of archery starting from a point in the previous article: I am within my sports association that we will call “The way of the slightly curved arch” and I want to organize a change that allows me to start paying the technicians in a structured and regular way, how do I proceed?

Most sports clubs are Amateur Sports Associations therefore they are governed through a board of directors, a president and a shareholders’ meeting. And these are the bodies that in various ways decide on the activity of the association itself. For this new project, only the ratification of the board of directors could be enough. But ratify on what? The decision will be on the main issue: the remuneration of the technicians, following the approval of the project that will lead to this novelty.

Then someone will be in charge of drafting the project and then bring it to the attention of the CD which will approve it with or without corrections or changes. Only after this step can we begin to implement it.

First of all, to understand how to write a project, its specific scope must be identified. It is one thing how to write a cultural project or artistic, another is how to write a work project or social and so on. The first steps for the drafting of the projectare those of:

Identify the purposes. That is, clearly and concisely declaring the reasons that push you and / or your organization to want to undertake a certain path through the current project. Naturally these change according to the nature of the project and the proposing subject;

Set goals. Aimed at realizing the previously identified purposes. They must also be pursued in relation to the analysis of the context in which the activity will take place.

Analyze the context (or the market) and any competitors. So that you have a picture outlined on how to develop a strategy;

Find the target of reference, therefore the subjects to whom the project is addressed;

Develop a strategybased on the elements acquired thanks to the previous steps;

Establish a time schedule of the activities and stages of development.

Prepare monitoring and evaluation actionsto note progress or gaps in the project over time;

Outline the economic planning for the realization of the project.

Let’s start developing the different points. In order not to go too far, we will divide the implementation of the project into various articles. But let’s start with the first point:

Identify the purposes.

Our association has shown a growing abandonment of members, their stay has an average of two years. Thanks also to recent studies on the subject, we have identified as one of the main reasons for abandoning the activities the inadequate professionalism of our technicians, even if animated by a great passion. Consequently we want to improve the skills of our technicians to allow a level of didactic communication and organization of the service appropriate to the time we are living. Let’s assume that this contributes to reducing the problem of abandonment.

Establish the objectives-program.

Identifying the objectives is an important step that will give the right direction to our project. Our goal is to reorganize the sports club / technicians and technicians / associates relationship. So that the collaboration relationship can be defined more clearly both in relation to the obligations and tasks of the technicians and in relation to what may be the emoluments resulting from the competence and experience of each individual instructor. Not forgetting to offer renewed services adapted to the needs of the members.

We will continue in the next article, stay tuned.



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