Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled, held ‘The 1st National Eoullim Life Sports Festival’

The 1st National Harmony Life Sports Festival

The Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled announced on the 28th that it will hold the ‘The 1st National Harmony Sports Festival’, a sports festival of harmony between the disabled and the non-disabled, for the first time in the country in Incheon from September 3 to 4.

The Sports Association for the Disabled conducts this event in a way that breaks away from the competition format that has significance for the formal participation of the disabled. This is to create a sports culture in which disabled and non-disabled people can participate in sports harmoniously and to improve prejudice and perceptions about sports for the disabled.

The competition consists of six official sports, including badminton, and participation events, such as creative dance, with about 700 provincial and provincial athletes participating.

The opening ceremony of the event will be held at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium from 2 pm on the 3rd of next month, and Na Tae-joo (Mr.

Various leisure activities such as go-karts, laser shooting, indoor rowing, boccia, and sports for the disabled are provided around the opening ceremony venue. For some experience events, after pre-registration, Bluetooth earphones will be provided for field experience.

Director Lee Joong-won said, “This grand festival is differentiated as Oullim Sports that allows disabled and non-disabled people to form teams.

Meanwhile, more information about this event can be found on the website of the Sports Association for the Disabled or the website of the competition.

Reporter Lee Min-su

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